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Today we find a multitude of tools that allow us to create Android applications without programming, so we save having to chop code. One of the most popular and recommended is Tu-App.net.

Tu-App.net: develop unscheduled mobile apps

Visit Tu-App.net and you will see that we are facing a platform that allows you to create mobile apps without knowing programming. It is a technology through which you can create applications simply with select and drag functionalities

Who is it recommended for?

After analyzing its operation well, we see that we are facing a platform directed especially for SMEs and companies Who want to develop their own applications. Without the real cost of creating a native app developed from scratch by programmers.

It is also interesting for entrepreneurs and freelancers that are dedicated to app development and application sales, because through this platform you can create professional applications of all kinds, with many features.

Advantages of using Tu-App.net

If you want to enjoy Tu-App.net Before you need to know their advantage, because the truth is that we are facing a revolutionary platform. We recommend it for these reasons:

  • Price: One of the main advantages of this platform is the price, since creating Android apps through Your App is very cheap. Much cheaper than hiring programmers from scratch.
  • Weather: An Android application developed by chopping code could take months and months, regardless of the complications that may arise. With Tu-App.net you will have much more.
  • Ease: It is easy to use for anyone who does not have programming knowledge. So it is accessible to a larger audience; since more users can use it.
  • Functionalities: it allows access to a multitude of different functionalities that, if programmed from scratch it would cost us much more to do it. So it is another advantage of enjoying it.

These are some of its main advantage, so it is very worth taking into account how difficult it can be to learn to program Android apps from scratch, as well as the time involved.

Is it a secure platform? Worth?

The truth is that it is a platform to create Android apps safely and reliably. That is, you will not have to worry about anything. In addition, it is a very popular tool, with many success stories.


As for prices, you can hire monthly or annual plans With different characteristics. The most economical plan starts from 83 euros per month. But if you are looking for more complete solutions and want to sell the mobile application creation service, you might be interested in the option of 167 or 250 euros; since you can create without storage limit.

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Are some accessible prices considering that a simple Android app can cost 600-1,000 euros. So you could play with a high profit margin.

Definitely, Tu-App.net It is an interesting tool for Create Android apps without knowing programming. So, if it fits what you're looking for, we recommend you try it.

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