Trip to the Missionary Jungle in Argentina, unique experience


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Taking a trip through the Missionary Jungle is one of the great incentives for travelers to enjoy a different vacation experience.

There are many tourists who seek to enjoy new and attractive experiences throughout their lives. holidays. This allows tourists to enjoy really wonderful places, in contact with nature and know local products. One of these destinations to be able to live a different experience is the Missionary Forest in Argentina.

This wonderful jungle is located in the province of Misiones and many travelers come to it to get to know the best natural charms and practice sports and activities in the middle of nature, as well as to visit the world famous Iguazu Falls, which are part of the great incentives for travelers.

Being in contact with nature is something that travelers are looking for, but it is also interesting to discover the famous Bemberg House, which is an old 1930 building, located on the Paraná River. It is a lodging that also provides historical data related to the founders of Puerto Libertad, in this case they were Otto and Federico Bemberg.


The Iguazu Falls They are part of the Natural Wonders of the World and can be reached by walking from the Bemberg House. This area of ​​the jungle allows travelers to enjoy new options such as hiking, hiking, kayaking, biking and of course taste the good local cuisine during the stay in the Bemberg House, a very interesting type of accommodation.

The Bird watching is another of the many proposals, thanks to the fact that the jungle in this area of ​​Argentina is a place where different birds live. Many other offerings are offered, such as the traditional tea ceremony, the traditional yerba mate ice cream, manioc pur + e and different tropical fruits, a boat ride to enjoy the Paraná River and discover the best views of the Yasy Falls. There is no doubt that it can become a whole experience to stay in this ancient building.

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