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Today we use the Internet a lot,
either to work or
for leisure, we are
many hours a day connected. One of the aspects in which we can save the most
It is in the amount of megabytes we spend per month

Tricks to save on the internet
1. Find the cheapest company
Gone are the
expensive and unreachable internet rates. In recent years they have appeared
Low cost companies with very competitive rates.
This has done, not only that
people can save with one company, but the big companies have
had to lower their prices and make great deals.
It is very important to know,
also, what are you going to use your rate for, only data, calls, fiber, ADSL …
Be very clear this will allow you to adapt your rate to the maximum and not pay for
Things you will not use.
Another aspect of this
section is knowing what
fiber coverage There is in your home. If you don't get coverage
or you will have low coverage, reconsider other internet access such as
Also, if you go to to register a new line, look for companies that don't charge you
for that reason or that they give you a second line along with your rate.
If you are not much to talk
by phone, hire rates with few minutes or, conversely, if you are going to
Talk a lot, pick up unlimited calls so you don't get a surprise.
2.Put a limit of megabytes
In this way, once you pass the limit of
hired megas, you will not be able to use the internet. Many times, the rates do not have
these limits and for each extra amount of megabytes you spend, they charge you and come
The surprises at the end of the month.

In relation to this, the data is accounted for
through the terminal and may be different from the data that your company has (a
Sometimes the company does not count data used at certain times or
Applications). You can get some
application that counts the data to be able to take a more fair approach.

3.Maximum use, with Wifi
Whenever you go to
download something (for example, Spotify playlists or applications)
Do it when you are connected to Wifi. The
Mobile rates usually include many more megabytes at home than on mobile.

Some applications,
They even allow you to activate only Wifi mode. So you can access, when you are
connected to the data, to the contents that you have already downloaded.

4.Disable automatic download

The different networks
Social like WhatsApp allow you to send videos and photos, which are downloaded
automatically However, they also have an option to override this
automatic download

5.Remove applications you don't use

Although they don't spend much, applications often use
background data. If you have any application you don't use, remove it. This
It will be good for your data but also for internal memory.

6.Activate data saving.
On Android there is the
data saving mode Its maximum impact is that it can slow down the
download speed and navigation.

In addition, you must
Enter an application to update.

If you are long
Without the mobile during the day, activate the airplane mode (in addition, you will save battery).
At night, leave it on, data is not necessary while you sleep.

If you can't activate
this mode (you need to receive calls), remove the data from the mobile. This
In this way, you can continue receiving calls and using Wifi and Bluetooth.

When we navigate through
internet, we are often disturbed by outgoing ads on the pages that
we visited.
These ads,
In addition to disturbing, they pull your data to download its content.
9.Social networks, a black data well

Some applications
Social networks, like Facebook, are a real data feeder. Other
like Instagram, due to streaming, it also uses a lot of

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