Tricks to organize a vacation in Miami


Welcome to Miami, if you are thinking about a vacation in Miami, without a doubt you have to inform yourself about the city and what activities you can do. You don't just want to go to the beach 🙂

The beautiful beaches and art deco delights are just some of Miami's many charms – there is also the hot nightlife, tropical gardens, lively art scene and sparkling cuisine.

Architectural jewelry

Even if there was no beach, Miami would still have an undeniable appeal. The magnificent 1930s hotels that border Ocean Dr. are part of the largest collection of art deco buildings in the world. Tropical motifs, capricious nautical elements and those iconic pastel shades create a cinematic backdrop to explore the streets of Miami Beach. Of course, you don't have to see these architectural beauties from a distance. Luxuriously restored, Miami's art deco hotels and mid-century modern hotels are also the playground for both locals and those outside the city, with sunny terraces by the pool, artfully designed and luxurious dining rooms night clubs.


Attribute it to the diverse population of Miami, or perhaps your love for always being at the forefront. Whatever the reason, creativity is one of the great characteristics of this city. From art and design to global cuisine, Miami is always on the lookout for bold new ideas, which manifest themselves in surprising ways. You will find bright and inventive chefs that mix Eastern and Western cooking styles, sustainable design buildings inspired by the ecosystems of South Florida and outdoor galleries where museum quality art works cover warehouses that were previously abandoned. The only constant in Miami is its amazing ability to amaze.

Nights in the city

When the sun sets and the bright colors of a sunset in South Florida fill the sky, that's when the best part of the day begins for Miami's partiers. In the moonlight, all the magic of the city unfolds in its salsa-filled dance halls, its elegant candlelit saloons and its rooftop bars with stunning views of Biscayne Bay and the glowing horizon of the city. While there are many jewels on display, Miami has something for everyone, from bars in the backyard full of indie rockers to hidden hiding places hidden behind taco stands lit with neon light.

The Great Outdoors

Few cities are as blessed as Miami when it comes to natural beauty. The white-sand beaches are bathed in crystal clear waters, perfect for sunrise walks along quiet stretches of Mid-Beach to picturesque oars in search of manatees on the coasts of Virginia Key. You can search for colorful bird species while walking along the trails of the Oleta River State Park, or go to any of the tropical gardens throughout the city. With sunshine all year round and love for the celebration, the outdoors is also the place where Miami's biggest parties are held, whether it's massive music and dance festivals or the neighborhood parties that fill the Miami calendar.

Organize trip to Miami

Without a doubt the most important thing to go to Miami is to find the best cheap flights to Miami.

Have an agency at your disposal to help you with the hotel search, flight, transportation, etc. It is very advisable, since many times between so many offers and products we get lost and we end up making a bad decision.

On the other hand we have an endless number of price comparators throughout the internet to choose the best option, we can save a few euros by booking on one platform or another. Since it is your vacation it is important that you take time and reflection to choose the best option. We want everything to go well and therefore it is better to be patient than to go to the first offer that appears on the screen.

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