Tricks to get more boxes in Brawl Stars and Brawlers for free 👀


Tricks to get more boxes in Brawl Stars Supercell

Supercell knows what it does when it comes to creating quality mobile games. They were raised worldwide on Android and iOS with the releases of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale.

Now they have combined all the knowledge acquired when creating those classics, in a new mobile fashion: Brawl Stars. An action-packed video game, which features a lot of intriguing game modes and a charismatic collection "Brawlers”To those you will end up worshiping. To start, we tell you that you can get 7 free Brawlers, keep reading.

How to get more boxes in Brawl Stars Supercell? and free Brawlers

Getting these Brawlers is not an easy task. We must open boxes and have some luck, for this there are some ways to speed up the process. Today we bring you tricks that work to get more boxes in Brawl Stars that will take you to the top and to destroy everything.

The boxes are the best way to unlock Brawlers and there are many types with different prizes.

To do this, we bring you juicy tricks to get more boxes in Brawl Stars.

Boxes and more boxes for Supercell Brawl Stars

The best option to get more boxes is to store and collect a large number of event tickets. When you are at least 20, you can participate in the mode Robotics Fight and bet as many tickets as we have.

The tickets bet will multiply the chips that we can obtain to later exchange them for new boxes, which bring juicy prizes.

Brawl Stars boxes

We do not recommend fighting the boss, as this mode is much safer to get chips. When you are boss and you die, you run out of tickets and that is the most usual playing against other Brawlers. Especially if we don't have a good connection.

Enduring waves of enemies in Robotics Fight mode with a good team and with friends is much simpler and safer. If in addition to booking the chip duplicators, you resist many waves in the Robotics Fight and bet the 20 tickets obtained, you can get more than 1000 chips at once. These can be exchanged for 10 boxes in Brawl Stars.

You will receive 7 free Brawlers

The currency we use to buy new Brawlers is very valuable. That is why it is necessary to be “stingy” when spending. Brawl Stars allows you to get a total of 7 characters as a result of your achievements in the game. In other words, do not buy these characters. You will have them for free.

You can see the list of characters that will be collected for free on your achievement screen. To save you the trouble, here is the list of Free brawlers, what can you get:

  • Nita
  • colt
  • Bull
  • Jessie
  • Brock
  • Dynamike
  • Bo.

Now, you know what characters you don't need to buy.

characters boxes Brawl Stars

An extra trick is, being alert to the chip duplicator helps you double the amount of chips you get. Sometimes in the store they offer it for free. It is also important that you are very attentive to the events. They offer you possibilities to increase gems, multiply tokens and can grant you boxes with bonuses.

How to get trophies for more characters in Brawl Stars?

Trophies are awarded or removed in Brawl Stars depending on the game's game results. If you are on the winning team or if you survive long enough by playing Showdown, you will be rewarded with fabulous trophies.

However, you can also lose trophies if your team loses or if you are defeated at the beginning of the Showdown.

free brawlers

Each of your Brawlers has their own individual Trophy count, and this determines the Brawlers Rank.

In addition, upon reaching certain milestones of the Trophy, you will be rewarded with new events, new characters, loot boxes, power points, tickets and others.

Don't forget that you can hide in Brawl Stars

In the sands of Brawl Stars, there is a feature that beginners often ignore: hide. In fact, if you choose the right point, you can hide on any map and become invisible to other players.

Don't confuse this with being behind a wall. In that case, other players can still see you. We are talking about "disappearing." If you stay inside the vegetation tiles on the map, you will see that your character becomes transparent. This means that you are hiding and that the players of the opposing team cannot see you. It is a bit of a camp, but for beginners it is a way to escape from burning.

You can use this function in all game modes. Hiding opens the doors to many tactics. If there is an area of ​​vegetation, you can make a surprise attack by hiding there. Or, you can choose to hide when your health is reduced. If an enemy player enters your zone, you will be exposed. Shooting will also have your position revealed. But apart from these two possibilities, you can disappear completely.

Game Box Calculator

There is a curious website called Brawlcalc, where you can calculate when your next fight character will arrive. The only downside it has is that it is in English. If you defend yourself in that language, introduce your fighters, your box reserves and your possibility of legendary. You will receive instant statistics on when you will receive your next fighter.

And you, what trick do you use to get more boxes in Brawl Stars? You can leave us a comment, so other users of this Android game can benefit and improve.

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