Tricks so that the roasted meat is amazing


Cook the perfect roast for Sunday lunch or for a dinner. We will help you obtain a tender and juicy meat, whether you are cooking ribs, sirloin or steak.

When it comes to roast beef, the wisdom received is that it should always be cooked on the bone, whether it's a loin of sirloin or a roasted rib, since the bone conducts heat and gives it flavor. However, this does not fit everyone and some of our most popular recipes are boneless and much easier to cut. Buy what suits you.

Fat is more important than bone – do not be tempted to cut it as it will sprinkle your meat while cooking. You can always cut it when you serve it. If you want the fat to form a crust, then you have to sprinkle it or rub it with flour and / or powdered mustard to absorb the grease released on the surface.

In general, roast beef is cooked at high temperature to caramelize the outside and then the temperature is lowered. This method can also be reversed at a lower temperature to begin before a final burst of heat occurs. As an example, see our recipe for slow roasting with herbal aroma.

If you do not have a meat thermometer, then check that your meat is roasted by piercing it with a skewer. The juices should be red for the rare, pink for the medium and transparent for the well cooked. In addition, a meat thermometer should indicate 40C for rare (it will rise to 54-56C, medium-rare, as it is found), 48C for medium (it will rise to 65C).

It is essential that the joint rest for at least an hour so that the juices are reabsorbed. If you carve the meat too early, it will be dry instead of juicy. Some juices will be released as it settles and you can pour them into the sauce. To finish making the meat we can use or help us with the famous meat stones, which will end up giving the perfect touch to your lunch. You recommended to take a look at these meat stones will go great. If any of them meets your needs do not hesitate to leave us in the comments.

Here, our expert kitchen team, reveals its method to make the perfect roast.

Rule number 1: Purchase quality

It's about doing the best you can afford. After all, you get what you pay for in flavor bets.

Rule number 2: Prepare your beef properly

Season with salt and pepper just before roasting, and make sure you have enough time to get out of the refrigerator first. Remove from the refrigerator one hour before grilling, removing all packing and wrapping and drying with paper towels.

Before entering the oven, it is recommended to brown the small portions in a pan (2 kg or less). In this way a good caramelization of the joint is achieved without overcooking it. If you have a larger gasket, blow it in the oven at a very hot temperature for 15 minutes before lowering it.

Rule number 3: Arrive at the right time

Unfortunately, there is no simple method here – some are better low and slow, while others adapt to difficult and fast cooking times. After all, different cuts, and joints without bone or bone, need different times and temperatures.

And that before considering the thickness of the bone, if the joint is filled, and what else is in the oven, which can affect the times.

As a general rule, weigh your articulation, and follow the times depending on the articulation you have. Check meat often, at least 30 minutes before the expected cooking time ends and invest in a digital thermometer. In the case of semicruda meat, the internal temperature of the meat should be 54-57 ° C.

For a beef rib with bone, roast at 190 ° C (170 ° C fan) for 10min for each 500g of rare meat, 15min for each 500g of semi-hard meat or 20min for each 500g of well-cooked meat, plus an additional 10min for all .

Do not just throw the joint in the oven and forget about it until the timer goes off. Be sure to pay a little attention during the entire cooking time as well.

A good start would be to add some vegetables in the roasting tin to help the sauce – carrots, onions and celery are all great options. But do not pile the can or the meat will be cooked instead of roasted.

During the cooking process do not forget a couple of times also spray with tin juices. But do it quickly and close the oven door as soon as possible to retain the heat.

Finally, once your meat is ready, give it some time to rest. We recommend at least 30 minutes to an hour in a warm place before carving.

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