Travel to France by train from Barcelona


Those of us who live in Barcelona we have France very close and for that reason it is worth to escape a weekend, a bridge or spend the holidays in the neighboring country. On this occasion I am going to talk about the cities we like in France and that can be reached by train. Take note and get ideas for your future trips to France! Traveling to France by train is an experience!

Travel to France

1. Paris

The capital is one of the European cities that we love the most and is in our top 5 of beautiful European capitals. Buy your train tickets to Paris, read on to know what you can do in the capital of love.

The attractions of Paris are innumerable, there is so much to see and fall in love that it would be difficult to mention everything. But you can't miss the Eiffe Tower, the Elysian Fields, the triumphal arch, etc. It is difficult to recommend only one of the city's museums, but our favorite is the Louvre.

Another visit that you cannot miss is walking through the Latin quarter of Paris. It is located south of the Île de la Cité and it is one of the busiest and liveliest areas of the city.

To visit Paris you can spend approximately 5 days, there is so much to see.

2. Toulouse

I have many memories of Toulouse, a city that a priori did not attract much attention. It is a city that can be explored on foot. One of the areas I like most in the city is its Japanese garden, "Les Jardins Compans Caffarelli".

You should know that Toulouse is known as the pink city for its amount of brick buildings in a soft red color.

I also recommend walking through the Capitole Square. You will find the town hall with a 1750 facade. Its interior is wonderful. You can visit the city on a weekend.

3. Marseille

This year we have returned to Marseille after 8 years and the truth is that I did not remember the city like that and I loved it. It was a great success to return to the city. As you know from our instagram I love street art.

Marseille has a low casitas neighborhood with so many graffiti with houses almost, the neighborhood is called Le Panier, where apart from art, there are coffee shops and many charming houses.

You can start your visit in the Old Port, it is a fairly large port and from which you can see in the distance the Basilica of Notre-Dame de la Garde, high on the hill. To go you can go with a tourist train.

In the port area you can see the Fort Saint-Jean, where King Louis XIV raised at the entrance of the Old Port.

Do not leave Marseille without visiting the Cathedral of the Major, is Romanesque and Byzantine. The flags you will see hanging inside represent the different communities that live in Marseille.

Finally, you can walk through the Rue de la République where you will find stately and bourgeois buildings. For your visit to Marseille you can spend two days to see enough of the city.

I hope I have helped you with these three recommendations for traveling to France and best of all that can be reached by train.

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