Travel circuits, the best way to travel Spain


Spain has one of the most protected UNESCO sites and touring it with a travel guide allows you to know the history of each place

Spain is a country known worldwide for the quality of its food, the warmth of its citizens, its monuments and cities and the landscape of its parks, forests and mountains. Not surprisingly, tourism has an economic weight in our country leaving the amount of 75,000 million euros, which represents 12 percent of the national GDP.

And is that tourism is one of the best sources of income for the country, not only by international tourists, but by the Spanish themselves since the good thing is that the diversity and offer of places to go in Spain is one of their strengths.

Burgos Cathedral

In fact, Spain has one of the largest UNESCO protected sites and is located in the number two place after Italy. Sites such as the cathedral of Burgos, the historic center of Salamanca or Santiago de Compostela, the Alhambra, the Almudena, the Sagrada Familia or the Doñana Park are just a few places to go yes or yes.

Circuits, the best way to visit Spain

To take advantage of all the possibilities offered by the national panorama, it is best to make a circuit because it allows us to make the most of the time we have to make our trip as well as know at our own pace and in a different way all the places we want to go to .

Whether we go to the northwest and we want to visit Asturias, Galicia and the north Portugal or the north in the area of ​​Cantabria and the Basque Country or the south with Andalusia and the Mediterranean coast with Catalonia or the center in Madrid the circuits allow us to know the places in an organized way without having to worry about transfers, food, lodging, visits or insurance.

Picos Europa Asturias

In addition, in the case of Spain there are so many places and monuments to visit that it is necessary to book each of them in advance. For example, it depends on the date, in the Alhambra you have to book up to one month in advance.

In any case we are going to recommend which are the best circuits in Spain. We start in the northwest, Galicia is one of those magical places that keeps the essence of its tradition and that is that Galicians are special.

Places like O Grove, A Toxa Island, Cambados, the Salnés region, Valença do Minho, the Santa Tegra viewpoint in A Guarda located near Tui between the border between Portugal and Spain is one of the places you should visit yes or yes.

Costa Da Morte Galicia

And that's not all, the Rías Baixas that go through Cambados, Vigo, Pontevedra will allow you to get to know Albariño white wine with tasting included and if you are lucky enough to go in the summer just like that, it coincides with the Albariño festival, the oldest wine festival in Galicia, the second in Spain and listed as a Festival of National Tourist Interest.

Or you can also take a boat circuit to visit with the children and it is that the coast of Galicia hides true jewels in the form of virgin beaches and beaches as well as Celtic castros on the coast that remember that Galicia is terra meiga.

Guggenheim Bilbao

Another Autonomous Community that you must visit yes or yes is Andalusia, names like Cádiz, Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Ubrique, Grazalema, Granada, Alhambra, Córdoba, Seville or coastal areas such as Marbella, Mijas, Nerja, Costa del Sol or Benalmádena deserve not only one but also several visits since they are charming cities.

And the same goes for the Basque Country with places as well known as Bilbao, Donosti, Sanctuary of Arantzazu and places like San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, Hendaye, Amaiur, San Juan De Luz, Hondarribia and the possibility of going to Navarra and Pamplona or visiting the country French Basque or combine sea and mountains inside.

And that's not all, Madrid, Cantabria, Castila or Andalusia can also be visited in circuit form.

What are the advantages of making a circuit on your trip?

The good thing about the circuits when making a trip or an excursion is that in addition to being cheaper than doing it on our own since we save on transportation, food and time we are lucky to know the schedules, the destination and the free time that we have in each destination as well as having the peace of mind of not having to worry about anything.

Another positive point is that we will have at our side a person or guide who will accompany us and tell us the history of each place. It is not the same to see a cathedral or monument if we do not know part of its history.

For example, if you go to Santiago de Compostela surely you would be interested to know data such as that on July 25 the Apostle's festivities are celebrated, a feast of fire, light and sound that recreate a light and fire show on the facade of the cathedral in the form of a story or story that every year manages to leave all visitors open-mouthed on the day of the fiesta of the patron saint of Spain and Galicia.

Or did you know that the Sanlúcar de Barrameda horse races are of International Tourist Interest and one of the oldest horse races in Europe and are held every August since 1845.

In addition, the circuits allow us to go as a family, with our partner, with a group of friends and adapt to our needs, tastes and above all, to our portfolio. Do you want to know and visit Spain in another way? Then the circuits in our country are for you.

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