Tools to make home furniture that will make your job easier


Readers of this blog know that among our passions are wood work and recycling in general. Both come together when we make furniture with wooden pallets.

These are very easy to get, they are all over the world and have been solving the needs of furnishing houses for decades, while contributing to the development of creativity and imagination.

The creation of furniture with pallets has shown that you don't have to be an industrial designer or an interior designer to benefit from these transport and storage elements and transform them into resultones and functional furniture.

Another important thing is that thanks to the furniture made with pallets we find an alternative to expensive furniture such as sofas, shelves, tables or the cheap versions of using and pulling the large multinationals of self-assembly furniture.

We can create simple, durable, cheap, functional and completely custom-made furniture. The latter is very important if we have small spaces, in which the furniture must fit perfectly.

Also, if we have enough space in the garden, we can create up to a greenhouse whose structure is 100% made of recycled pallets.

wood tools

Posts on the subject, one of the questions that constantly ask me what are the tools I use to work pallets and create DIY furniture. I will talk about the main ones. They are not the only ones that can be used for this task, but they are the ones that are at least more functional for me.

These types of tools have different functions and therefore I invite you to learn about the ways of using the super tools, so you can see that they are more than just gadgets.

My 4 essential tools

Electric drill. It is worth a drill with cable and battery. It will depend on how much you prefer to have cables in between. In any case, both have their pros and cons, but mainly the cable drill is much more powerful, but the battery gives you some autonomy.

Claw hammer. They are the most used by carpenters. The claws are used to pry and remove the nails. Therefore of all types of existing hammers, these are the most useful for working on the disassembly of pallets, mounted with nails. In addition, you can use it as a lever or kickstand to separate elements very close together. So far I do not believe there is a more essential (and irreplaceable) tool when creating furniture made from recycled materials. And obviously, it serves as a powerful hammer to drive.

Jig Saw. To work with this type of wood I prefer the jigsaw to the circular saw. Being smaller woods, this saw is more manageable. And at the same time it is more portable.

Orbital sander This sander is another of those essential super tools when working with wood. You will save a lot of effort (and a lot of shoulder or back pain), and the results will also be much more accurate than with manual sanding.

Electric screwdrivers. Electric screwdrivers are one of those tools that when you buy them you think "why it took me so long to have one".

They will facilitate the task, especially when riding. They also do very well to put shelves and other tasks that with a normal screwdriver you will end up hurting your wrist.

basic carpentry tools

What can I do with pallets?

With this waste of freight transport you can make as many types of furniture as your imagination allows, in addition to small cabins, a dog house or, as we said, a greenhouse.

If you need more ideas I leave you a list to activate your ingenuity more:

  • Gardening shelf
  • Cup shelf
  • Breakfast table
  • Garden table
  • Coffee table with glass
  • Children's desk
  • Dining table
  • Lounge armchair
  • Rustic kitchen
  • Outdoor room
  • Bed for children's room
  • Bookcase
  • Garden bar counter
  • A box spring
  • Corner for the living room
  • Shoe cabinet
  • Photo frames
  • Stairs
  • Headboard

Other tools

Apart from these tools, I always like to have a manual wood saw, a manual iron saw (in case you have to cut a nail with a broken head), a good set of flat and star screwdrivers, a wrench, a set of pliers and a set of German keys.

Likewise, as I said before, with the first four you can do practically everything. I hope this list of tools will help you and that you can use them to blow your imagination a little at the time of create sustainable furniture and pretty

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