Toni Villa, key in Real Valladolid


Despite the draw achieved against Atlético de Madrid at the José Zorrilla Stadium, Toni Villa shone again and showed once again why, when he is at the highest level, he is the best player in the team. After returning to the starting 11 against Granada, where he signed an outstanding performance, with assistance to Oscar Plano included, Sergio González returned to rely on the young squad for the games against Espanyol and Atlético de Madrid.

In front of the mattress set, Toni again made it clear why he is one of the key players of the pucelano set. The Murcia player is undoubtedly one of the players with the highest quality of Real Valladolid. Although he has made it clear on several occasions that his goal is to gain muscle and perfect his punch, the truth is that, being in top form, it is a very powerful weapon for Sergio.

How Toni Villa plays and why it is so important in Real Valladolid

His ability to break lines and overwhelm rivals were key last season. When it comes to driving in offensive transitions, Toni Villa's tendency is to start from the band towards the center, to circulate the ball. This, together with his associative capacity with his teammates, allows the team to organize the game from midfield. And it is that predilection for driving the ball inside what he does is that, in many games, he ends up advancing his position to the midpoint.

Despite being a young player, and with only one full season in first, Toni it adapted very quickly to the demands of the demanding competition, as is LaLiga. The readings he makes of the game during its course allow him to accommodate the various game situations. When the team needs to advance the lines in attack, Toni reaches the bottom line to look for his teammates in the area. If the match is broken, it pauses the game and helps control the game inside.

Despite its quality, Toni Villa is a very irregular player. As he has confessed several times, he needs to be 100% mentally as well as physically. And when the Murcia player is at that level, the team notices, and Sergio too.

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