Tips to save on your natural gas bill, and in turn make the home more comfortable


save on your natural gas bill

As heads of our houses we have the responsibility of managing supplies in the best way. This includes the choice of a source of energy that is respectful of the environment and, in turn, helps us to reasonably manage our money.

In this context, it is necessary that we know how the installation of natural gas is competitive with other energies such as electricity, diesel or butane bottles.

Some advantages of natural gas

Natural gas has a more stable price than electricity, so it allows us to more easily program our family finances in the medium and long term.

It is also safer and more reliable than butane bottles, not to mention that they occupy a space that we could use better in the kitchen or laundry room.

With natural gas we have a continuous supply of energy and with it hot water. Thanks to this we can avoid an unpleasant interruption when we are showering, for example.

Additionally, the installation of natural gas is more aesthetic, a detail that is important for living in a pleasant environment. The pipes are usually poorly visible and well concealed, and do not affect the style or design of our homes.

On the other hand, although there are more ecological sources of energy, such as solar, it is true that natural gas already has an infrastructure that makes it a more real possibility while being more sustainable than other options.

Save on your natural gas bill

Natural gas can provide us with the necessary energy to enjoy domestic hot water, fire in the kitchen stoves and heat for heating.

Well, to rationalize energy expenditure, the first thing we should do is know how much gas we need each month and what we are going to use it for: for all or just a few things.

According to the monthly consumption and the use we will give you, we can choose a rate that suits our home.

Tips to save on gas bill

1-Practice sustainable cooking

The idea is to reduce cooking times to save gas. To achieve this we must use the express pot and the microwave oven, with which we cook faster and the results are optimal.

It is also a good measure to keep the kitchen burners clean; We will know that they are if the flame is blue, not yellow.

2-Maintain a stable temperature in both winter and summer

Between 20 and 22º we have a comfortable temperature. If you want to save on your natural gas bill, the goal is to stay within that range. We must bear in mind that for each grade we raise, the bill increases by 5%.

Likewise, it is a good idea to lower it to 15º during the night since while we sleep we usually cover ourselves with a good blanket.

3-Insulate the house well

In Spain, old houses do not usually have a correct insulation in walls, floor and ceiling. In these cases, it is good to include, in our next reform, the installation of a good natural insulator (such as cork, for example).

Good insulation can result in energy savings of 50% or more. This is another good strategy to save on your natural gas bill.

4-Check the door and window joints

The joints usually filter temperature and generate a greater demand for energy to heat or cool the house. If there have been cracks in the joints, seal them with mixture.

Eliminating temperature leaks in house enclosures (doors and windows) can help you save on your natural gas bill.

5-Update the windows

If the windows are old, we must discard them and install modern windows that have at least double glazing (or triple in areas of extreme temperatures).

Even better if the windows have insulating gas in the air chamber between the windows.

6-Dress according to the season

To save on the gas bill it is good to check how we are dressed before raising or lowering the temperature of the air conditioner or the heat pump.

If it is cold, before raising the temperature we must choose to wear clothes that generate more heat. On the contrary, if we are hot, before lowering the temperature, we can take off our clothes and replace them with cooler clothes.

7-Limit family activity to the most used stays

As an alternative to save on your natural gas bill you can heat or cool (depending on the season) only the house stays that we use the most, and close those that we will not occupy until the next station.

8-Take advantage of the sun's heat

In winter, solar radiation can help us heat the house for several hours, especially if the orientation of the house favors it.

Allow the sun to heat the house by raising the blinds or opening the curtains in the day. If the house is well insulated, the heat will remain overnight.

In summer we will do the opposite, we will block the passage of the sun during the day with awnings and curtains, mainly if the orientation of the house means evenings of many hours of sun.

Early in the morning we will let in the breeze by opening the windows to purify the air and cool the house.

With this routine, you will depend less on the artificial air conditioning that requires the energy of natural gas.

As we can see, using natural gas as an energy source and adopting some practical measures, it is possible to achieve significant savings in our energy bill.

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