Tips to save energy in summer


In the summer, if we live in hot places, we know that the energy consumption goes up, especially if we have air conditioning at home or any device that helps cool it down. However, there are ways to save energy in summer, that the bill of the light does not shoot too much and, at the same time, be cool and comfortable in our house without ruining us. Next we are going to give you a series of tips to save energy in summer, so be careful.


The first thing to do, both in winter and in summer, is compare the rates of the main energy service companies in Spain and find out which one suits us the most according to our consumption. Among these companies we can find Endesa, Iberdrola, EDP, Axpo… some prevail more according to the province. We leave here the number of Endesa Clients Free contact in case you want to know their rates and be able to compare with the rest.


Save energy summer temperature air conditioning

This is perhaps the next most important point to save energy in summer: put the adequate air conditioning temperature. Normally we go a little crazy, we want the house to be super cold and we do not hesitate to put it at 18º C when we arrive, but it is an absolute barbarity. We can have it at that temperature for a short period of time, but then the best thing to be comfortable and not spend a lot of energy is to put it between 24ºC and 26ºC, especially if we are going to spend a lot of time at home in a relaxed position, like on the couch or sleeping, with summer clothes. It is what is called the thermal comfort range that allows you to be comfortable without this having an impact on a very high electricity consumption.


Save summer energy smart thermostat

Whenever possible, install an air conditioner with an intelligent or programmable thermostat or add it to the one you already have. They know when you are at home or when you are not and turn on or off according to the climatic needs, taking into account the occupation of the house and at what temperature they should be according to the time of day. Learn alone! Some can be controlled by a smartphone or tablet through an app to make it more comfortable.


Save energy summer ceiling fan

Whether you can not afford an air conditioner, or if you want the one you have more efficient, a good idea is to use fans. The best are the ceiling fans, since they can cool a whole room, distributing the air well. If you can not install one on the roof, a portable fan will also work. Si have already had the air conditioner on for a while, turn it off or put it at a higher temperature and at a lower power and turn on the fan to save energy, keeping the air fresh and circulating, or what is the same, maintaining the comfort temperature.


Save summer energy download blinds

Although we all want to have a bright house, in summer it is convenient close the windows (especially if there is no breeze and if they are thermal insulators) and curtains, as well as lower the blinds or the Blinds during the hottest hours of the day creating a thermal barrier so that the sun does not overheat the rooms that are south facing. Another way to create this protective barrier is through flower beds full of plants, so it's a good idea to place them in the windows, balconies or patios, since they provide shade and protect from the intense sun.


Save summer energy led lights

Since we mentioned that it is better to lower the blinds, you may be without light at home. LED bulbs save energy per se, but also, emit less heat than traditional light bulbs. Therefore, they consume less energy when needing less voltage and they produce half as much heat as the old ones, so the house will be illuminated and fresher.

Up to here our tips to save energy in summer. We hope that by choosing the right electric company, maintaining a good temperature of air conditioning, regulating it with an intelligent thermostat and optimizing it with a fan, as well as creating a barrier against the sun, your electricity bill will be reduced considerably, at the same time you can rest cool and quiet at home. Do you have any trick or advice? Do not hesitate to write us a comment below.

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