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Tips to lower the temperature of your home economically

They are the first choice to cool the house at night is usually a fan. There are thousands of
fans different in size, type, height, speed, features,
formats and prices. They are usually cheap, consume little energy and do not require
The downside of these devices is that they simply move the air from one side to the other.
another, regardless of whether it is cold or hot.
To get the air they move as fresh as possible, we can
place a bottle cut in half on the back of the fan and
Fill it with ice and salt. This will cause the air that moves the fan to be
You have to choose very well the hours to ventilate or it can be
counterproductive. Or for the morning when
the air is still fresh, or by the night
if temperatures drop You always have to look for creating current.
What is sought with this is that the fresh air enters the house and that renew the inner atmosphere. When
start to raise the temperature, we will close windows and doors.
A good trick is wet the curtains
and blinds
with cold water to cool the atmosphere.
When painting the house, it is better to use colors
. The color white on walls, doors, windows and blinds is better
for the heat, for the rebound effect and because it gives a sensation of freshness.

On the subject of
lighting, recommend a LED lighting. Lighting by
halogens or incandescent light bulbs
it spends more and has a worse relation heat generated and light produced. Something that is not
It shows in just a few minutes but that if we suffer when we use it for a long time.

Use the washing machine
or the dishwasher is better at night
since they generate heat in its operation and a higher temperature than in mode
residual are dissipating through the room in which they are.

Do not leave
The computer or other electronic devices are switched on. Leave them on for hours (even in standby mode) generates a heat unnecessary (and a
higher consumption).

5. Plants
Try to put indoor plants greenwhat
largest possible. Absorb the heat
of the air so they contribute to the environment being cooler.

Also, start
to water them at night. Humidity
of the wet ground is very good to cool the environment.

It is true that there are fans
for the beds
which are connected to the bed by a conduit through which
cold air comes under the bed sheets.
However, so as not to spend money, remove the sheets when you get up and Leave them in the coldest part of the house.
Do not put them on again until you go to sleep.

In addition, the tissue and color too
give freshness
. The white fabrics or
of light and soft colors like silk, cotton or linen are fresher.

7.Reorganization of the house
Zoom out the sofa
of the Windows
and remove as much furniture and carpets. Of
this way, by leaving diaphanous spaces, the air circulates better and the sensation of
freshness will be greater.
In the bedroom you should avoid placing the bed near a window
or from a wall
that receives the sun throughout the day.

Also, if your house has several plants, place the
rooms to sleep in more low,
since it is the fresher.

8.Aerothermy and
solar panels
The use of air conditioning usually
Be scared by your high electricity expense. However, there are different
types of energy creation that can cause that spending to decrease.
The use of solar panels to generate electricity will, once
installed the system
self-consumption, the total electricity used
be free.
The aerothermy is a technology that extracts up to
75% of the energy of the air to convert it into heating, cooling or
hot water through a single equipment.

The only consumption
The electric power required is to operate the compressor motor, assuming less than 30% of the energy That
You need to get a proper temperature.

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