Tips to enjoy the most at a wedding


With the arrival of spring comes the time of celebrations, BBC: weddings, baptisms and communions. It is inevitable that in spring-summer it will be the time when wedding They are celebrated for good weather and for vacations.

Day B, the wedding day is very important, it is a date that marks a before and after and therefore deciding the day is one of the most important first steps, followed by the dress, the accessories, the place of the banquet, etc.

In today's post I will give you some tips to enjoy this special day to the fullest. The first advice for the bride is a very important issue, and is to take the comfortable bridal shoesWell, we have to endure all day and we need the greatest comfort. Can you imagine a girlfriend complaining of foot pain? It would be a disaster for a girlfriend that day to want to take off her shoes because she can't take them anymore or doesn't know how to walk with them because she's not used to heels.

Keep in mind that the heels style the leg a lot and that is why they are usually the ones chosen for the celebrations. I eat closet bottom for special occasions I have some golden party shoes , some silver and other nude color, as they are three basic colors that combine very well with any color and print.

The second tip is to know how to control your nerves on the most important day of your life, so it is advisable to take previous days and even that morning a relaxing infusion and take a deep breath.

The third tip is to prepare a contingency kit. Prepare a band aid in a little bag, a medicine and even some makeup to touch up. You can always give it to a guest to carry it in your bag "just in case."

The fourth tip is to be yourself and avoid trying new things. If you have never had coffee do not choose that day as the first, you never know how it can sit you.

And the fifth advice is to know how to delegate, for example, distribute the function of the distribution of details among the attendees, let some relatives help you so as not to overload you.

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