Tips to approve the First Certificate easily


We know that there are many who, for professional or academic reasons, need to certify a B2 level of English. And for that, the most popular and recognized option by companies and universities is the degree created by the University of Cambridge First Certificate and what do you have in the British Council to the official exam center. From here, in your hand is to overcome or not the exam with a good preparation in which these tips will surely help you.

Find a specialized academy

The first advice is that you plan your training well and, to be sure, the best thing is that you go to an academy specialized in training students for approve the first certificate. You will find teachers who know perfectly the four tests to be done in the exam and have already successfully trained others before. This type of academies have specific courses and with few students exclusively for First. They are not courses of great extension reason why the disbursement of money is not great either.

Practice a lot

In the academy itself they will insist on it, and they are absolutely right. To pass this exam you have to know thoroughly the tests and their level of difficulty. You can find numerous examples of tests on the Internet writing, the Listening and the reading.

Check your level every few weeks

If you have considered preparing the exam in several months, set as a calendar to make a Actual test of the complete exam every two weeks. That is, practice all the parts of the test over and over again, and after 15 days perform a test to see your progress. You will see that, little by little, your level will go up and your total score (from 0 to 200) also.

On the Internet you will find numerous resources to take the online exam.

Use language exchanges for speaking

For many it is the most difficult test, since nervousness can block you. This part of the exam is the last and is done in pairs. You will have to talk to the examiners and answer the questions, and also with your partner. To get as loose as possible to the exam, it is important that you practice a lot, as many days as you can. Surely in your city or a nearby town they are organized Language exchanges in pubs or bars. Come to them and practice as many hours as you can. Although at first it costs you, it is the best way to let go and avoid that nervousness on the day of the exam.

Rest well before the exam

The tension of an exam and performing it in a language that is not yours requires an important mental effort. In addition, the four tests are usually done on the same day and you can spend concentrated hours. Not to suffer mental exhaustion or reduce it to a minimum, it is important that the days before the exam rest well to go as lucid as possible to the test.

Aspects to keep in mind for writing

Already during the test, there are aspects to be taken into account in each part of the test. In the case of writing, we recommend you:

  • You need to capture your ideas or impressions. Do not fill your text with vagueness.
  • Use link words to give continuity to the sentences. These are the so-called "transition words" and it is important that you prepare them very well to help you argue correctly: so, therefore, also, in addition, thus, then, in fact, etc.
  • Do not stop doing any required exercise.

Aspects to take into account for reading

In the case of reading, it is important that you understand very well the text to be commented on, or about which you will be given test-type answers. To make it, Be methodical and do two types of readings:

  • General reading to understand the meaning of the text and without stopping you in words that you do not understand. At the end of the reading, let it rest in your head for a few minutes to take shape. Ask yourself questions mentally about things you have not understood.
  • Make a second reading already in detail trying to answer the doubts that you had raised.

It is possible that getting to understand 100% of the text is not possible, but you will get an accurate idea that will allow you, by discarding, to guess the answer to the questions that will be asked about the text.

Aspects to have the account for listening

The last advice has to do with another complicated part of the exam. You will hear the audio on which to answer the questions twice, so try to do the following:

  • Try to understand the general meaning of the conversation or dissertation of the audio. Very important, do not stay stuck in a word or phrase that you have not understood. The audio continues and you will not understand the following.
  • You will have a few minutes to take notes or think about what you have heard. In the second addition pay attention to the parts that you have not understood.

As always, there are no magic formulas to pass this type of exam but there are techniques and a work methodology that will allow you to upload a grade until you can approve the First Certitificate.

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