Tips for traveling with your Android mobile (everywhere)


Now that we are in the middle of summer, there are many who take the opportunity to go a few days of holidays. And our mobile has become an essential element to put in the suitcase.

But there are some tips that you should keep in mind, if you want to make the most of it.

Tips for using Android mobile on vacation

Carry a replacement mobile

If you have at home the typical old mobile that you stopped using, but that still works, it is not a bad idea to put it in your suitcase. In this way, in the event that your phone is lost or stolen, you will always have another one at hand that you can throw away, at least until you return home.

Use a protective case

When we travel, it is quite likely that we are constantly taking out the phone to take pictures. And this means that we are more likely to end up falling.

Therefore, if it is usually a good advice to protect our mobile phone with a case, in case we are traveling, it is even more so.

Roaming or local card?

If you travel to the European Union on roaming It is free (with some reservations), so you can continue using the data rate you have contracted on your smartphone at no additional cost.

However, in the case that you are going to travel abroad, it is possible that you get more to buy a prepaid card from there, to access the Internet. This is especially attractive if you have dual SIM, as you can keep your number for calls.

Take only what you are going to use

If you have organized a trip of those in which you barely step on the hotel, it does not make much sense to take your tablet or laptop. Before packing, really think about the gadgets you can use while you're away.

Taking you more than necessary, you can only get you to lose something.

Save your tickets in the cloud

Nowadays, it is increasingly common for airline tickets to be taken out electronically, and that we can board directly by teaching the mobile. The bad thing is that if we have a problem and we lose the mobile, we run the risk of staying on land.

Therefore, we advise you to keep a copy of your boarding pass in a service of cloud storage, so you can always have it on hand.

It carries an external battery

When we travel, we usually spend a lot of time outside the hotel. And we already know that smartphone batteries rarely last the whole day, especially if we are taking constant photos and sending them to friends or publishing them on Instagram.

Therefore, it is recommended that you carry an external battery with you, so that you can recharge your device at the time you need it.

And you, do you have any advice? Leave a comment below.

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