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Preparing a wedding is a fairly long process that, as a rule, usually lasts an average of one year. We know that it is a complicated process where closing each of the details turns us into a mess when we join it with thousands and thousands of things to do. There are a lot of things to do, look for comfortable party shoes, floral arrangements, ambient music, liturgy …

The couple and their guests have to be the center of everything and, for this reason, each and every couple is much more involved so that everything is perfect. As we know that, in those moments of resolution, not always and at all times we are totally inspired I will tell you a few fantastic details that will make any wedding become the event of the year.

Candy bar

An event, be it baptism, wedding, anniversary or first communion, has the presence of an attractive table of jelly beans or candy bar. It is an alternative option, fashionable, that seems easy to design more than look perfect is not simple. While entertainment is essential in a celebration, the candy table has an explosive effect on the guests and more when they are the little ones.

People love sweets and apart makes them happy. An original decoration made by professionals will increase the level of success of the event, and the candy bar is not indifferent to the guests.

Sweet buffet jelly beans

original weddings - original and fun wedding ideas - a different wedding - fun things to do at a wedding - ideas to organize a wedding ...
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A table decorated with jelly beans is appropriate for any celebration. Especially if the motive is childish. The catering should not be limiting as the guests will be pleased with the plurality of cookies, cupcakes and obviously goodies.

What should a candy bar bring?

The main thing of every event are the sweets, those colorful things with sugar that make this table the favorite of the guests. In general, these tables include:

  • Acid or sugary treats.
  • Varied Marshmallows.
  • Chocolates and chocolates.

Tips for preparing an attractive candy bar

The perfect candy table requires attention to certain details that ensures harmony between the design and jelly beans. It must be inspired by the tastes or the client's motives.

They are advised for an impeccable Candy bar:

  • Know the kind of guests that will be in the event or celebration, because the approach between goodies for small or adults is different.
  • Drinks can be stocked with soft drinks, water, milkshakes or lemonade, as is natural the container so that it is more attractive can be adapted.
  • The tables of the diners can be decorated in harmony with the candy bar, either with reusable material and well decorated are ideal for greener decorations.
  • It is essential to link the tone of desserts and sweets with the decoration, in this aspect it is essential to limit the number of colors to increase the visual.
  • A new trend is the ornamental tables with different heights where small booths in different trays and plates will make the bakery look amazing. The long-awaited cupcakes are a weakness for most diners. The visual attractant is achieved with glass bowls or neutral colors.

Details that cannot be missing

The design in what refers to the stationery must be compensated between colors and textures, whether with pennants, balloons, labels … The decoration should not be limited. ANDThe bottom where the candy bar is going to be located requires some depth from there that a frame must be designed that has exactly the same tuning as the chosen theme. You must have the balance between pastry and jelly beans including natural sweets that are also a trend today.

But leaving the candy bar, you have to worry about more things, such as color wedding shoes adapted to the theme of the wedding. We are talking about the shoes after the ceremony and so on, that is, the shoes for when you already take off the dress (bridal) and all that …

Boxes to give the details

The details are thought of but not so much in how to deliver them. How will the guests take it? Present your wedding details with an original wrapper and make your guests surprised, be it a box or a canvas or paper bag. It will be a memory they will keep forever!

It is best to give gifts that serve both men and women. Better not to discriminate and give exactly the same to everyone, be it a little plant, a notebook, sunglasses, etc … Without making sex distinctions with the wedding details.

Night flares

Give a touch of light to your wedding and let the guests be the ones who point the way to the altar thanks to the always and at all times well used flares. And in addition to this you can surround them with colors and different sizes.


At a wedding we can entertain everyone singing to the sound of karaoke. Do not let your guests choose the song. You can make your list to ensure laughter and dances.

A preboda is going to be the key

While it may sound like a celebrity, the truth is that making a pre-wedding can be the key to starting a weekend of celebrations. It is the ideal excuse to escape a weekend to the countryside or to the coast and gather all our family and friends creating unique memories. Prebodas usually celebrate with a dinner the day before the wedding.

Wedding theme

Choosing a wedding theme can make it go from being the usual liturgy to creating something different and that our guests remember a lifetime. You can do Balinese, Hawaiian, Ibizan weddings or, simply, based on a series of colors. Choose the theme you like best and apply it to your wedding without any fear.

An original liturgy

Today, virtually anything can be done at weddings. We have stopped marrying alone in churches to do it in different, more entertaining ways. Something that is very popular nowadays are weddings officiated by friends and family. In this way, a considerably more personal and also intimate liturgy is carried out, where all people participate in the nuptial in a direct way. Undoubtedly, it is about having an occasion for a different wedding.

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