Tips for choosing the wedding dress that best suits you


Tips for choosing the wedding dress that best suits you

Once the procession of the hand request has taken place, One of the problems that causes most concern in most women begins: choosing the wedding dress. This is undoubtedly a delay that will remain every day until it is finally ready at home, to be taken to the wedding.

The wedding dresses, for the importance that they will have, they must be chosen with great enthusiasm, in such a way that the people who have to take them feel good with them, because they will always remember you with enormous emotion. So, it is advisable to take body measurementsWell, a custom made dress It will sit infinitely better than another pret-à-porter fact. It is also advisable to have defined notions of different types of cut of wedding dresses What is in the market:

  • Hip Cut: This extends the body of the dress to the area of ​​the hips, from there begins the skirt. Gird at the top and the skirt is more vaporous. It is ideal for somewhat tall women, because it has the effect of prolonging the body but shortening the legs.
  • Greek Court: They are very simple and elegant dresses. They are made with light and steamy fabrics, for example chiffon or satin, and are usually draped. Do not gird the body, except the waist, to which they usually apply a gold ribbon as an ornament. It also highlights the use of asymmetric necklines, which are those that only carry a strap.
  • Imperial Court: It is the most flattering cuts, for all types of silhouettes and statures. It is characterized by starting the cut of the skirt just below the chest. It is made with vaporous fabrics, not girdle and you can add all kinds of accessories and ornaments, according to each taste.
  • Roman Court: It is a hugely comfortable dress, it is certainly an ideal style. Do not stick anything, it is steamy and sober. The upper part is quite and the length should have a lot of fall (so you have to choose apparent fabrics). In itself, it is very similar to Greek, but it differs in that it will never have the asymmetrical neckline.
  • Mermaid cut: It is undoubtedly one of the most daring and sensual cuts. Mark the whole body silhouette. The most typical is that it carries the sweetheart neckline, although it admits others, if desired.
  • Princess cut: With him, she will look like a princess in a fairy tale. It is one of the most classic and is characterized by a tight waist and a very voluminous skirt. To give a more glamorous touch, you can add lace to the waist.
  • Straight cut: It is a perfect cut for very thin women and with a straight silhouette, as this dress will help enhance your curves, giving it a very feminine touch. Any type of fabric is perfect. It is also recommended for women not very tall, as it will lengthen their figure.
  • Cinderella Cut: It is very similar to Cinderella's, since it girdles the waist, but the skirt is much more voluminous, with a lot of fabric. Any neckline would be perfect. It is ideal for any woman. It is an incredibly flattering and charming dress.

There are also several types of necklines, everything will depend on each taste and the one that is more according to each personality:

  • V-neck or V-neck: It is suggestive. Enhance the neck.
  • Round neckline: It is somewhat more discreet than the previous one. Broaden the shoulders and chest in general.
  • Square Neckline: It looks very elegant. It also enhances the neck.
  • Neckline Word of Honor or Heart: Does not wear suspenders and must fit the bust.
  • Boat Neckline: They are the ones that open up to the shoulders.
  • Asymmetric neckline: Normally, they are the ones who only wear a brace, that is, they leave one shoulder covered and the other does not.
  • Halter neckline: It is the one that is attached to the back of the neck, leaving the shoulders and part of the back exposed.
  • Neckline Illusion: The neckline structure is similar to a word of honor or heart, only that, on the part of the neck that would be exposed, it is covered with silk, tulle, lace, chiffon …
  • Tear neckline: It's a very original neckline.

That said, when organizing a wedding, nor you just have to pay attention to the wedding dress, but also those who have to wear bridesmaids. To these dresses could be applied the different types of cuts and necklines that we mentioned above, There is only one essential point that must be distinguished from the bride's dress: color. Any color will be perfect, except white, which is reserved for the bride.

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