Ticket Network and Galaxy Ticket are Defendants with $ M1.55 for Sale of Speculative Tickets


Ticket sales platforms, Ticket Network and Galaxy Ticket have received an important complaint.

The General Court has accused both platforms of cheating thousands of consumers to buy "speculative" tickets.

In the statement, the companies – belonging to Donald Vaccaro – did not accept responsibility for the accusation.

Ticket Network and Ticket Galaxy have offered consumers the opportunity to buy tickets in secondary markets. Even so, after having made the purchases, the companies ended up buying the tickets at a much lower price.

In a statement, James explained:

“Due to their dishonest practices, these companies scammed thousands of citizens and have made customers spend thousands of dollars on speculative tickets. We are holding these companies accountable for their deceptive practices that defrauded citizens, thus taking away their money and we are implementing reforms to protect buyers in the future".

For his part, James has accused TicketNetwork and Ticket Galaxy of consciously selling tickets that were not his property, worth an additional thousand dollars of their real value.

In some cases, the platforms failed to provide customers with orders. Vacarro companies cheated consumers, blaming technical or vendor problems.

As part of the agreement, Vacarro has agreed to pay 1.6 million dollars. The news of the statement came on the last day of the ticketing conference event, Ticket Summit.

Speaking of the news while promoting his low-trust companies, Vacarro said:

"Our company has reached the clarity and certainty that we were initially looking for through our complaint against NYAG".

He added that the company will move forward as "the leader in the ticket resale industry." Once again, refusing to admit his fraudulent practices, Vacarro added that the platform will provide a "safe and efficient way" to obtain tickets for popular events.

"Netwok Ticket continues to represent the gold standard in customer service within this industry for our many customers".

Whether the "gold standard" means that both companies will continue to disappoint customers is something we still have to see. After all, when customers are charged thousands of dollars for premium versions, a $ 1.6 million deal seems like a small price to pay.

We will see what happens in the coming months.

Source: billboard.com

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