those rustic houses with garden and lawn


those rustic houses with garden and lawn


Until with economical artificial grass I have seen them and they are the envy for those who like to enjoy the open and green spaces with the good weather. I have to say that eThe artificial grass has many positive things, such as chlorine resistance, and this makes it ideal for terraces, attics, hotels and celebrations. There is Inexpensive artificial grass that once set is wonderful.

johnnyzuri_22430366_126658468087230_3424300948913127424_n those rustic houses with garden and lawnAs for rural houses, I at least always look at the green spaces that surround them. In Camprodón there is one with a garden of these ideal to spend your leisure days in the best of companies, with endless activities to practice in the surrounding area, for an unforgettable stay, and partly because of the extensive and greenish garden that we Invites relaxation.

An essential aspect in the relation of the Earth and the rural Tourism they are the rural houses. Well-known constructions of each zone. In many of them, in the past, peasants lived there with the day-to-day activities of their livestock and agriculture. These buildings are what we are going to find throughout the Spanish territory, but also throughout Europe.

casas_rusticas_1549481339 those rustic houses with garden and lawn
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those rustic houses with garden and lawn

Spanish rural houses

We can locate them both in small towns and apart in the middle of nature. In many Rural houses We can live as is the day to day of a rural environment, taking care of the garden or the garden or having an omelet with the recent eggs laid by the chickens. Throughout Spain there is a great offer of rural houses ideal to go both in winter and summer.

You can do many symbolic excursions, tEvery year is a good season to visit the interior. In winter the snow-capped mountain tops are contemplated in many areas. And in summer you can do most of the activities that allow mild temperatures. In autumn the change of color of the leaves creates for us a spectacle in the forests.

To overcome the routine and find a way to escape, it is best to opt for a rural vacation, because nature gives us maximum calm. Ccertain very interesting destinations are Asturias, the Sierra of the town of Madrid or Guadalajara. But there are many others. But the best thing is that you choose to stay in a rural house in any of these destinations.

A rural house with pool and lawn is a delight for rest and relaxation. These rural houses offer you the possibility to live the stay in calm and in some the only guest is you. The cottages with pool They are ideal for families traveling with children because they will be entertained and refreshed all day. The kids can play in the outdoor spaces without any risk.

To mitigate the stress we need peace and relaxation and a plus of isolation, and for this there is nothing better than a good rustic house in the countryside. To feel the country peace and a wide desire for rest. Surround yourself with nature and good vibes in charming accommodations, in stone houses, convents converted into rural houses. In places where lWood is still the protagonist when it comes to furniture. All around or near the fireplace, capable of providing any rustic room with an unquestionable warmth.

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