Nefeli lives on a small island and has setbacks to enjoy his life due to his conservative peasants. As well as other 2 ladies, each and every one of the men of the island will be seduced. Finally, he decides to live with the boy he loves in the city of Athens.

Year: one thousand nine hundred and eighty

Duration: seventy six '

Type: Erotic

Directed by: Homer Eustratiadis

Script: Yiannis Sklavos

Photograph of Petros Karavidoglou.

Production: G.D. Films

Distribution company: Greek erotic films.

Actors: Rosana Caskan (Nefeli Zalokosta), Alejandra Grepi (Annita), Dimitris Tsafaridis (Phaedon), Lefteris Giftopoulos (teacher), Kleovoulos Zamidis, Giorgos Matthaios, Lakis Skoutaris, Panos Velia, Lakis Xanthis, Taniahitos, Thasos Pavlos, Yiannis Christou

The film was screened in the period one thousand nine hundred eighty-nine thousand nine hundred and eighty-one and cut nine with seven hundred and eighty-three bills. He came to twenty-four in twenty-five movies.

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