They will be relentless against corruption in the army


The general Nicacio Martínez, Commander of the National Army reported that 4 active members of the institution present an arrest warrant for acts of corruption, so he was emphatic in stating that they will be relentless with cases of this nature that are registered in his office.

Nicacio Martinez

“We are doing the work with the Attorney General's Office that is not of today, comes from behind, from months and years ago. The Prosecutor's Office has already issued the arrest warrants to four members of the institution that are active, to a retired noncommissioned officer and to four civilians. ” He said Martinez

When asked if corruption in the Army is over, the general responded: “It is not clean. These are decisions that were made by circumstances of mode, time and place individually. Within those investigations they will say, who are developing them, the decisions. I don't have the knowledge of that that can happen. Surely there will be other decisions. We do not know when they can be taken"He added.

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The commander of the National Army said that "this process is carried out by the Prosecutor's Office in Medellín and these people are being conducted to take the first inquiries there in that Prosecutor's Office."

“We are fighting all this kind of irregularities. We will be relentless with those who dishonor military honor, with those who are outside the framework of the law and for that there is justice, ”he said.

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