They call a bitch as a witness to their own trial


Is called Sandra Barrera and is the first judge who has called as a witness a bitch in the trial against your former adopter for animal abuse.

Sandra Barrera is the magistrate of the Criminal Court No. 1 of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

In the trial, Sergio M.J. for having locked Milagros, a pit bull, inside a rigid suitcase and throwing it into the garbage container.

He has defended himself saying he thought the dog was dead, however, the forensic evidence confirmed the mistreatment that Milagros suffered from Sergio.

The events occurred in 2012, when neighbors heard grunts that came from a garbage container.

TO miracles It was a few minutes before the garbage truck swallowed it and crushed it.

When they opened the suitcase they found Milagros in shock. It was crammed inside the suitcase, with barely any oxygen and the body full of bites from other dogs.

Fortunately, Milagros, today can attend as a witness to the trial because she was recovered physically and emotionally and today lives with another family that fills her with love.

The fact that Milagros comes as witness to this trial, evidently does not serve to confirm any fact but it does raise awareness in society.

Sandra Barrera, has achieved with this fact, give visibility to animal abuse, to make society aware of the need to be sensitive to the atrocities that many humans commit with their dogs and to give an example of how to give a place to animals in this society as beings who feel like us.

The judge has requested a sentence of 9 months in prison for Sergio, his former adopter.

We trust that, the criminal record that this person already has, help him to fulfill them in an integral way.

Bravo to this wonderful judge!

I hope other judges follow this example with those who do not have a voice.

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