These best friends built their own town to grow old together


While growing up, my best friend and I used to say that one day we would live in the same neighborhood. While we have not yet made it happen, we can dream. Especially after reading about these best friends who built their own town to grow old together.

The four couples have spent the last two decades doing everything together and they are like family. Although they live very close to each other, they don't look as much as they want.

So they decided to change that by raising their money and building a town near the Llano River, on the outskirts of Austin, Texas.

The ultimate goal? To retire and move to your peaceful city of best friends someday in the near future.

The four cabins, dubbed the Llano Exit Strategy, cost $ 40,000 each.

Equipped with sloping ceilings, reflective walls and insulated windows, they were designed by Matt Garcia to be energy efficient and affordable.

The houses are super adorable with many wooden accents. The interiors were intentionally covered with plywood.

"It's a high design finish that doesn't cost a lot of money," explained architect Matt Garcia.

The beautiful cabins measure around 350 square feet each. Thanks to intelligent planning, many built-in shelves and many windows, the cabins feel very spacious.

In addition, friends did not add a kitchen to each cabin, but created a large common kitchen.

In addition, there are many shelves for books and other things, which makes storage a child's play.

A plethora of windows lets in a lot of light, along with the surrounding natural landscape. Each cabin is specifically designed to offer the best possible view, without the cabin blocking the view of another.

The roof is designed to collect rainwater, which seeps into barrels of water capable of storing up to 5,000 gallons in total. This allows them to enjoy a natural water supply for showering and enjoy the comforts of today.

«This is a magical, but arid place. We are doing what we can to reserve as much water as possible for native trees and pastures, ”shares resident Fred Zipp.

Everything has a purpose. For example, corrugated steel exteriors reflect sunlight so that the interiors remain cooler in hot Texas summers.

Instead of adding a kitchen to each house, friends created a common space of 1500 square feet to cook and serve delicious meals.

This is one of the few spaces where friends decided to go big, adding a full-size refrigerator and a range of commercial style. A black granite countertop separates the dining room and the living room.

While some features of the communal kitchen are improved, most of the aesthetics in the communal area coincide with that of the smaller cabins – there are many windows that let in natural light and a beautiful plywood exposed everywhere.

They also included a small room for guests, because they have other friends and family outside their main group. They included bunk beds and a spacious octagonal wooden picnic table.

Friends have not moved yet, and they still have some things to do, such as planting their garden. But they are excited about what their self-taught community has in store for them someday.

This looks like a Disney movie. We have hares, wildcats, deer and all kinds of birds. As we spend more and more time here, we find more and more, ”said resident Jodi Zipp.

It's easy to look at this group and think about FRIENDSHIP GOALS! So how can you achieve the same level of fellowship in your own life? Here are some tips to live:

1. Be yourself

Friends that last a lifetime love you for who you are, not for what you pretend to be. Be yourself and attract the friends who love you for who you are, these are the friendships that last a lifetime. Also, who wants to pretend to be someone who isn't in several decades?

2. Admit when you are wrong and willing to apologize

Any long-standing friendship is going to have a fight or two. To overcome that, you must be willing to forgive and apologize. It is equally important that you see when you are wrong and understand where your friend comes from, even if it is not the same place you came from.

3. Know When to Leave

Not every friendship is worth holding on to. Knowing which friendships are worth your time and which are not, will allow you to reserve your time and energy for the relationships that matter most to you. Remember, quality is much more important than quantity.

4. Be compassionate and give more than you receive

Strive to be a great friend without expectations of recovering things in return. Show compassion to your friends and be there for them when they need it.

If the friendship is worth it, in the end, you will recover everything you put and more.

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