The world's most amazing paragliding sites


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There are many highly recommended places to fly paragliding and enjoy a different experience, ideal for those looking for vacation adventure.

Paragliding It is a really pleasant, adventurous and suitable activity for anyone who looks for a little excitement throughout their vacations. There are many really incredible sites that offer the possibility of having this experience and it is worth it that we can take it into account when making a trip, inside or outside Spain.

At Bazaruto archipelago in Mozambique paragliding flying is interesting as it offers really spectacular beach views and is a perfect place to carry out this activity, in addition to being able to take advantage of the months of May to October to carry out this interesting trip, an option Unforgettable and worthwhile.

In Wengen, within the Swiss canton of Bern We find a beautiful town where paragliding is year-round, which is really recommended, allowing travelers to enjoy the best views. On the other hand, other experiences such as hiking, climbing, among other proposals are offered to make the trip as complete as possible.


Also in Oludeniz within Turkey travelers find different options to enjoy the adventure, especially to fly in paraly and have a truly spectacular experience thanks to the views offered in this area. Another of the adventure proposals is a jeep trip, bike rides or walks.

In the state of Utah we find Point of the Mountain, a very interesting place for those looking for the experience of paragliding and enjoying the views of the area, a really attractive adventure. Many travelers from different areas of the world usually arrive here to have this very different experience. It is perfect for those who are already experts and for those who seek their first experience.

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