The toaster, an essential that is also modernized


The main purpose of a toaster is to start the day well 😉

Breakfast is – for many – the most important meal of the day, along with a large cup of coffee or tea. Don't let your old toaster ruin your moment.

There are many different toasters to buy and the price varies considerably between different models, and this can make buying one quite complicated. Whether you become independent and it is your first toaster or you are going to replace the old one, there are some things you should consider and the best way is to know how to choose a toaster at


When choosing a toaster, you should make sure you buy one that is the right size for your needs. How many slices do you want to toast at once? Are the wide enough slots for your favorite type of bread? Can it be easily placed on the kitchen counter? You'll heat pizzas and precooked?

The toaster, an essential that is also modernized

Mainly compete two formats, the classic with 2 slots to insert the slices of bread, and the toaster, with a format that looks like a miniature oven, with hinged door. It will be easy to know how many slices to toast at once, but you may want to toast something that is slightly thicker than the standard slice of bread. Therefore, the new toaster needs to have larger slots. As with any kitchen appliance, you need to put it somewhere. Coffee makers, blenders and other utensils compete for space on your countertop, all useful appliances to take advantage of breakfast, so if you have a small kitchen, you probably should not buy a toaster oven type.


How much you are willing to spend on a new toaster will be an important factor in determining which one you will buy. Although a toaster oven usually moves at slightly higher prices, it is the quality, comfort and power performance that determine its cost.

The reasons for the price differences are the characteristics that can be obtained in modern toasters. For example, the toaster oven may have convection heating to allow you to heat food with an accessory.


When choosing the best toaster to buy, you need to be clear about what you are going to use it for. If you simply want to toast bread, you don't need anything fancy. You just have to get an automatic toaster that is within your budget.

The toaster, an essential that is also modernized

To toast other foods than bread, you need a toaster with convection accessory or a toaster oven.


The most basic toasters will have the minimum functions. You can choose the toast time of the bread, even the power level, but little else. This is what most people need, but higher-end roasters will have more features, such as defrosting, 1-sided toast, convection, grill and more.


You rarely find a toaster that is difficult to use. It is quite simple to find out what the controls do to make the toast as you like it.

It is important to clean the toasters from time to time. This is for hygiene reasons, but also because a toaster that has accumulated too many debris and crumbs can be a risk of fire.

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