The Roswell Alien | A great farce of ufology


Roswell is but an innocent city in the State of New Mexico, in the United States. You must know why it became known: in 1947 there was the so-called Roswell UFO incident. On July 2 of that year, in Roswell, a crash of a flying object that crashed near a ranch. The official version says that what crashed was a balloon of the United States Army Air Forces. However, UFO lovers tend to claim that this accident was caused by extraterrestrial intelligent life. Do you want to know if Roswell's alien was real or just a great farce? Today in Supercurioso we will tell you this story.

Roswell's alien, the great farce of ufology?

Mac Branzel, a farmer from New Mexico, found in 1947 some remains of a shock scattered across his ranch. About three days later, the farmer warned of what happened to the local sheriff. The newspapers begin to cover the news, and a week later they register the headline "The air forces capture a flying saucer on a Roswell ranch." But nevertheless, after some sudden changes, the media start to change the headlines affirming "Ramey (the general of the military base) denies the flying saucer."

The truth is that in July 1947 everything was a stir in Roswell: that if a flying saucer, that if a weather balloon, that if Soviet spies or secret weapons projects of the United States government. However all The media noise went out as the days went by. Three decades later, all of New Mexico had forgotten Roswell's Alien (and not to mention the US and the world, where it was not even known what the Roswell case was).

It was in 1978 that investigators Stanton T. Friedman and William L. Moore who compared the results of interviews that had been conducted regarding the case, and began to give noise to the Roswell Alien accident. The point is that most ufologists argue that not only an alien ship crashed on the New Mexico ranch, but an Alien's body was recovered (if not several).

2. Roswell's alien film sham

With the boom in the case of the Roswell alien, reborn in the 70's and 80's, in 1995, shots of what would be the autopsy performed on the alien were revealed. These images, from the documentary "Alien Autopsy", went around the world and became the main evidence to prove the existence of aliens visiting the earth at one time. The video clearly showed Roswell's alien and some scientists in medical clothing operating this inert body. The video seemed real because of the medical attire and the footage on which the film had been recorded, since both coincided with that used at the time.

However, recently, the filmmaker Spyros Melaris admitted having created the video in 1995. Melaris not only admitted what was done, but also told how the process went. To create the body of Roswell's alien he allied with his friend, sculptor John Humphreys, who also worked in the special effects department of Dr. Who. The sculptor took the ten-year-old son of the filmmaker as a model and created the corpse of Roswell's alien. To this were added cuts of meat from the local market, cow and sheep organs. His brother and sister-in-law were the actors who dissected the famous but fake alien.

But how is the roll of the film from the time of the incident? Well, the filmmaker accepted that he spliced ​​the roll he had on that of a university party in Roswell in 1947. But why did it take so long for the filmmaker to talk about the farce? Government pressures? Did you get paid to deny the shots that came to light with your documentary? Well, well, we have no way to prove any hypothesis. What we do know is that The filmmaker's bank account, in 1995, was filled with leading zeros with images of Roswell's alien that were exposed in his documentary.

It is no secret to anyone that the documentary has ceased to be a success in recent years, in which the interest of the show has set aside the intrigue for the aliens. After the filmmaker revealed that everything was a farce, his name appeared on all search engines and rolled by the news of the moment and social networks. Although Melaris said the images were false, he also claimed that they were based on a lost footage that did show Roswell's true alien.

So far our approach to the case of the Roswell alien has come. If you have been wanting more, we recommend our post on The closest place to Area 51 that you can access. Of course, we would not like you to leave without leaving your opinion before. Do you think Roswell's alien was true? Or, that it was a great farce of ufology? Tell us!

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