The role of Spain in the Basketball World Cup


In just two weeks, the Basketball World Cup will begin in China for sixteen days. All bookmakers give a clear sports forecast that the favorite team to win gold is the United States. But from here we want to open a thread of hope for the most nostalgic to dream again that another selection is made with the world scepter.

We will analyze the situation of the last team that was able to win this tournament before the dominance of the American team. This team is none other than Spain, capable of achieving gold in the 2006 World Cup played in Japan. It is worth noting the favor that the selection of Greece did to the team led by Pepu Hernández at that time, eliminating the United States in the semifinals after a spectacular game. The exhaustion factor and the superiority of the Spanish team meant that Pau Gasol could lift the title in Saitama, in addition to winning the MVP prize of the tournament.

Predicting the possible role of Spain in the 2019 World Cup

After the last two battles of falling in the quarterfinals against Serbia in 2010 and against France in 2014 even more painful since Spain was the host, in this edition they want to be fighting for medals although the odds of sports betting do not give them as candidates to reach the podium.

The Spanish team is in the group C where Puerto Rico, Iran and Tunisia will be measured. Three selections well below the basketball level of Spain.

The second round would match them with Group D formed by Serbia, Italy, Angola and the Philippines. It is expected that they will fight to take full victories with the Serbian national team and reach the third and final round before the final phase with a high number of wins that will facilitate the way to fight for metals.

Who will win the 2019 Basketball World Cup according to the bookmakers?

Will the absences weigh heavily?

In the purely sports section we can say that the Spanish team, led by coach Sergio Scariolo, current NBA champion as assistant coach of the Toronto Raptors, it has numerous casualties, of which some are of important players in the achievement of the last medals won.

The most prominent absence is that of Pau Gasol. The Catalan player will be low due to the operation It was submitted a few months ago. The flagship of this team will not be able to continue increasing its fabulous numbers with the national team, being already the top scorer of the Spanish team.

Another important casualty is that of the Canarian player, Sergio “El Chacho” Rodriguez The current Euroleague champion with the CSKA of Moscow he has given up going to China due to the accumulated fatigue after a demanding season.

Two significant absences are those of Serge Ibaka and that of Nikola Mirotic. We knew that of the two, only one could attend the World Cup event because only one nationalized player can be incorporated. Finally both players will be missing in the call. Serge Ibaka after being a key piece in the conquest of the first ring of the Toronto Raptors. And Nikola Mirotic after signing with FC Barcelona Lassa.

Anyway, the Spanish team has important players, many with NBA experience and accustomed to playing high voltage games.

Which players should lead Spain?

Some of these pieces are Marc Gasol, Ricky Rubio, Rudy Fernández, Sergio Llull, Victor Claver or the brothers Juan and Willy Hernangómez.

Prediction of the 2019 Basketball World Cup according to the bookmakers.

Marc Gasol comes from conquering the best league in the world by Sergio Scariolo. And it has done so by having a leading role, so it will be a key piece in China.

The baton of the national team will be Ricky Rubio, the player recently signed by Phoenix Suns has been doing two great seasons in Utah raising his average points per game in the NBA.

Two key players will be veterans Rudy Fernández and Sergio Llull. Real Madrid players have been important for many seasons in the team led by Pablo Laso. They have done with the last two ACB leagues and have consecutively reached the last three "Final four" of the Euroleague.

Víctor Claver will also have a leading role after a great season at FC Barcelona Lassa in the hands of "Commander" Svetislav Pesic.

The brothers Willy and Juan Hernangómez are called to take a step forward in the selection, due to their experience in the NBA and the absence of the important players mentioned above.

Once analyzed the template of the Spanish combined, knowing that there are still some discards to be made, it is time to bet on the market where we will be able to get the most out of the online game.

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