The rings take center stage in the feminine looks


The midi rings become the jewel of the moment, undoing the traditional ones, to occupy the most prominent place in the looks of this 2019.

The rings, traditional for their meaning and symbology, gain the first position when choosing a star complement in the current times. Whether in winter or summer, the most famous looks go without having the Top complement of the moment, the rings, and within its great variety, they undoubtedly take center stage, the so-called «Midi Rings«.

Perfect to highlight the beauty of your hands and make your combination of accessories as striking as possible, midi rings, also known as phalanx rings, They are smaller than conventional rings, they are designed to be worn on the first phalanx of the finger and give a bohemian touch to your look.

Ideal for carrying them alone, or creating the familiar mix and match, mix with which many of them are combined together.

Midi rings, therefore, are fashionable. Much finer than the classic rings, they occupy a different position on the finger, and far from being an inconvenience they adapt perfectly to the phalanges due to their self-adjusting character. Perfect complement for this new autumn 2019.

The midi rings are placed between the first two knuckles of the fingers or toes. There are many celebrities and influencers of the moment that they have already worn them this summer and without which their looks They lose impact.

A jewel that has been used as an ornament is our hands and in all kinds of people since time immemorial. Already in the ancient Egyptian Empire there were, where it coincided with the current era in the most fashionable materials, used for its manufacture: bronze, ivory, amber, glass, although the classic and most valued remains the jewels of silver and gold, Adjustable and enriched models with elements such as stone.

Gold or silver rings, fancy, engagement or wedding, all rings are fashionable. Symbols of elegance and beauty in the feminine look, now they show perfect hands and manicures, beautiful in their care and prepared to show them with the most current and original designs.

The manicure trends devastate Instagram and other social networks. To the traditional and elegant French manicure, the confetti nails or the Nail art minimalist, the rainbow manicure, the Russian, in which the cuticle is completely removed; or half moon, all of them perfect for summer looks. Now, more than ever, it is the ideal time to wear a perfect manicure so that fashion rings look ideal in your hands.

If you have never dared with the new art of manicure, it is a good time to renew the styling of your hands by combining an impeccable manicure with the fashion jewel, the midi ring.

an original, elegant and fun touch and thus create a more stylish
current. Today, hundreds
of girls imitate the influencers of the moment, for which the
midi rings, are your ideal complement
with which they decorate much more than their hands in special moments.
Many of them are adjustable and adapt great to our fingers,
both of the hands and feet.

It is important that, as with any complement, you feel comfortable using them, so if you want to start without risking too much, you can choose the simplest and smooth cut models and combine them with the more traditional rings. Little by little you will notice how, every time, they become more indispensable within your basic complements.

If, on the contrary, you are more daring, you can opt for the multitude of varied and fun designs that already flood the market of silver and gold rings with geometric shapes and precious stones of infinite colors.

If you want to wear a look of the most striking and original this season and the one that enters, do not miss the most fashionable complement. Midi rings flood the most influential magazines and the best fashion and jewelry design pages of the moment. What are you waiting for to flood your jeweler too?

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