The play 'Someone Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' premieres at the Calderón Theater


This Thursday, September 5, the play opens at the Calderón Theater Some one flies over the cuco's nidus. A work created by Dale Wasserman, based on the novel by Ken Kesey and that features casts such as Alejandro Tous, Sonia Castelo, Jesús Vidal or Kim Ramos, among others.

Seeking his freedom, Randle McMurphy manages to flee the prison and be transferred to a mental institution, where he will meet the patients of the Great Ratched Nurse, a group of patients who, unable to withstand the pressure of modern life and enclosed by their own will, they survive happily between board games and electric shocks.

But the freedom that patients seek with the newcomer and revolutionary McMurphy has nothing to do with the freedom that doctors and nurses of the "free society" represent. That is when the tragedy arises, when the institution, or "Dark Machine," as Chief Bromden says, decides to sacrifice the individual in the name of the common good.

Calderón Theater

From September 5 to 29, 2019

C / Atocha 18; 28.012 Madrid

Duration: 150 minutes with intermediate included.

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Dale Wasserman, Madrid, Theater, Calderón Theater

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