The origin of the pack, by Sebastián Luna K.


Synopsis of the book: Karina, the typical 17-year-old teenager, never imagined that she would carry the curse of being a werewolf. However, he stopped seeing her as a curse when he discovered that he could control his transformations and thus take revenge on the evil scientist who produced it.

Determined to end the evil plans of that villain, she will form a group of werewolves and women who will do their utmost to prevent her from getting her way.

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About the Author:

Sebastián Luna Kraljevic was born in Quito, Ecuador, on February 29, 1980.

Since his childhood he showed great interest in reading, he always had one or two books that read them in turn, as well as the local newspaper, something unusual in children of 8 years.

In his teens, he turned his interest in technology, computers, electronic games and especially digital design; however, reading novels of mystery and terror filled their nights, Stephen King being their favorite author; It combined reading with writing, poems of youthful love, pain and joy.

Captivating the youth reader with stories of fiction and mystery has always been a challenge, the same that Sebastian achieves with "Jauría: The origin of the pack", his first novel.

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