The most special places you should not miss in Osaka


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The Japanese city of Osaka is one of the essential destinations to enjoy on holidays, with proposals to relax, go shopping, among others.

The Japanese city of Osaka It offers visitors a multitude of really special places that are well worth knowing and enjoying on holidays. There are many plans depending on the tastes of couples or families traveling through this charming city, a destination that offers everything the traveler seeks.

One of the places is the street commercial of Shinsaibashi-suji, one of the most famous in the whole city. It is excellent for all those people looking for fashionable clothes, traditional Japanese food stores, technology shops and many other items to get a nice memory of our time in Osaka.

During the holidays it is important not to leave aside some of the most important temples. The Hozenji temple It is one of the most visited and is excellent to know one inside. You can make a wish to the statue of Mizukake-Fudo. In the surroundings you can find excellent restaurants of traditional Japanese food.


The famous Tsutenkaku Tower It is another of the essential visits for our first trip through the Japanese city. In this case it is a traditional steel building whose history is fabulous. It is allowed to visit the tourists to the top of the tower and from that area you can enjoy the best views.

One of the great recommendations for those who seek to relax is to go to the thermal baths, ideal for relaxing body and mind on vacation. Dogo Onsen is one of the many alternatives, a thermal bath that offers different services depending on the price that each one is willing to pay. The building where it is located dates from 1893 and is perfect for relaxing, they even have rates for offering matcha tea cup and sweet classic botchan dango.

One of the classic buildings is the Osaka Castle, interesting because it allows visitors to enjoy this marvel of architecture and of great importance throughout the sixteenth century. It is interesting to visit the castle and take advantage during the celebration of the hanami, which takes place when the flowering of the cherry tree in Japan.

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