The most interesting markets to enjoy in Beijing


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Beijing is a city where we find different markets to find the most curious gifts or old pieces that are very worthwhile.

The Chinese city of Beijing offers us a series of unique inducements to enjoy a pleasant and very complete vacation. One of the alternatives is to go shopping to the different markets that are in different places of the city, something essential to be able to buy different interesting articles.

One of the markets to consider is the Silk Street Market, which is located in a modern building in the highest part, since the old market was demolished long ago. It is very popular for selling different items of brands, not always authentic and different souvenirs as antique and decorative objects.

Another recommendation is to go to the Panjiayuan Flea Market, interesting because it offers all kinds of antiques that usually attract foreign tourists, ceramic pieces, jewelry, statues of Buddha, Chinese handicrafts, as well as other objects with a certain history that can attract you and that are very curious.


Interesting is to go to Beijing Antique City, a large commercial area where antiques are still the protagonists, with different old and classic clocks, very old ceramics, authentic paintings, sculptures made with different materials such as wood and ivory, among other very curious objects. Without a doubt it is a place where it is worth taking a walk.

An additional alternative is the Hongquiao Pearl Market, a market where pearls, handbags, shoes, articles to dress, silk, jewelry, souvenirs for tourists, tablecloths and all kinds of really curious objects are offered to take away some memory of our passage through China.

On the other hand, Tianya Hongqiao Jewelry Market is another option to consider, where we also find a nice decoration as it is a modern building and recently created. In addition to pearls we can find different decorative and gift items, jewelry, so it is worth knowing.

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