The most interesting islands for a romantic trip as a couple


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There are ideal places to enjoy as a couple such as the islands, which offer tranquility, great beaches and varied water sports to enjoy.

There are many couples looking for a place where spend some time alone, quiet and where to relax. No doubt there are some islands that have the necessary ingredients so that couples are delighted, they can vacation in peace, they can have activities and sports at your fingertips, among many other proposals.

Among these islands we find the Palawan archipelago, which is practically virgin. This destination of Philippines offers crystal clear waters and mountainous formations interesting. You can take a boat ride, discover the landscapes from the beaches, take excursions through the caves in the area and many other activities suitable for couples.

One of the spectacular sites is the Capri island in Italy. It is perfect to spend the summer as a couple thanks to its great coves, quiet for sunbathing and resting. One of the natural charms is the Azu Grottol, besides being able to enjoy a boat trip, drink good wine in the local restaurants with spectacular views, as well as activities and sports such as diving, among other proposals.


In the United States we have the possibility of knowing the Catalina Island. It is a beautiful, quiet place, perfect for couples looking to observe birds and wildlife in general, dive and rest on beautiful beaches. You can enjoy other options such as hiking, excursions, even activities such as excursions to the city ​​of Avalon, ideal for those who have several days.

The beautiful tahiti island in the French Polynesia It is another ideal place to spend a perfect couple as a couple. In this case we find black sand due to the activity of the volcanoes in the area, in addition to lagoons, caves, a varied flora and fauna, also green areas such as the Vaipahi Gardens, which are simply spectacular.

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