The most iconic visits to do in Germany


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In Germany you can make a series of iconic visits to discover places, buildings and tourist attractions really very interesting in the country.

Germany It is a really fabulous European country, full of history, iconic buildings and a gastronomy that really offers travelers great opportunities to enjoy a good trip.

One of those visits that you should not miss is knowing the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, a whole classic. It was built for King Frederick William II at the end of the 18th century and has become a symbol of the city and the country. It is a neoclassical structure that is usually one of the usual photographs among tourists.

Really interesting is to know the impressive Colonia's cathedral, one of the most beautiful in Germany. It is right on the banks of the Rhine and is interesting for its Gothic architecture. Throughout the construction it was one of the most acclaimed in the Middle Ages and it is also very interesting to highlight the Reliquary of the Three Kings on the High Altar.


Also a reference site is the Black forest, ideal for lovers of mountains and natural areas. It is excellent to be able to hiking during summer vacations, make small or large excursions and get to know this important natural area of ​​Germany. You can take advantage to know some nearby towns, which is a great attraction.

Within Germany we can find many medieval buildings such as castles. One of the most popular is the Neuschwanstein Castle, a classic in the architecture of Germany and it was King Louis II of Bavaria who ordered him to build. In addition to having spectacular views, the interior offers areas such as the Throne Room or the Song Hall, two of the most outstanding rooms.

One of the ports The most popular is Hamburg, a reference site that you should know during your holidays. In addition to being one of the large cruise terminals, this port offers a pedestrian route where you can walk and enjoy this historic place.

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