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Tarot as a source of self-knowledge.

Tarot cards are the most famous and mysterious of all known divination systems. It is not yet known when and the place of appearance of these cards. Then you can become more familiar with this mysterious system of divination and self-knowledge. The magic of tarot will always be in the interpretation that each of us can get to do

Let's start our approach to tarot with the composition of the instrument itself that serves for divination and interpretation, the cards. The classic tarot deck consists of 78 cards and is divided into 2 parts:

In the Tarot cards there is a division into major and minor arcana. Older people are the main cards that report fateful events that are very difficult for a person to change. The youngest talk about everyday situations.

  • Major Arcana – 22 cards
  • Minor Arcana – 56 cards

Older arcane tarot or "big", "big", numbered from 0 to 21.
Minor or "small" arcane tarot – is divided into 4 suits or "entourage":

  • Swords
  • Cups (bowls)
  • Pentacles (coins, records, denarii)
  • Wands (canes, scepters)

On each suit of the tarot deck 14 cards. These are cards numbered from Ace (1) to dozens, as well as "costume cards", or figures: jack (page), knight (rider), queen (queen) and king. The figures are also called the "courtyard."

There are many topics on certain tarot cards that from Medium Angelus are responsible for clarifying.

When the divination in the tarot cards takes into account both the direct and inverted position of the cards.

Where does the Tarot.

There are several assumptions and hypotheses that explain the appearance of the tarot. The author of the most beautiful hypothesis about the appearance of tarot cards is P. Christian. In his History of magic, he explains the appearance of tarot in this way. According to legend, in ancient Egypt there were temples where the masters of the hidden initiation were held. Figures and symbols. These twenty-two paintings were arranged in pairs, against each other. Passing the twenty-two paintings in the gallery, the initiate received instructions from the priest. Each Arkan, which became visible thanks palpable

According to another hypothesis about the appearance of tarot, ancient Hebrew kabalistic roots are traced by the Creator. Hebrew alphabet, which formed the base of the tarot.

Experts have shown that there is a cognitive unconscious with which a person can not only immerse themselves in their past, but even shape the future. Tarot cards can be a guide. When a person guesses, he enters his subconscious. And if he offers his divination services, he enters the information field of the earth and reads the information from there.

In society there were persistent myths and prejudices regarding Tarot cards. When a person has a Tarot card in their hands, they can not only predict the future, but also diagnose a person's problem and, most importantly, help him. The main objective of the tarot, according to the expert, is not in the prediction, but in the diagnosis of the situation.

The tarot is a prognostic tool. The information is taken from the general energy information field, which is generated by all living organisms. The tarot should not be afraid. Most superstitions and scary stories around this magical cover are nothing more than prejudices. Consult for example devidencia to expand what we mean.

You must keep in mind that the past, the present and the Future are happening at the same time. They are not continuous temporary spaces, but momentary, instantaneous, and that happen at the same time. Although we perceive them as in chronological temporalities, that time does not exist. Only in our heads, it helps us to orient ourselves in life. But for the Tarot that human time does not exist. Everything is happening, the past, the present and future at the same time. That is why you can predict what happened to you, what happens to you and what will happen to you in a simple way.

The tarot is a type of diagnostic probe that allows you to predict the situation. It is impossible to build the future, since these events simply did not exist. Although the probability of a particular result can be read based on our surroundings. Tarot cards give us instructions to understand the reality that surrounds us, and we can speak with confidence about your safety.

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