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Each child must discover the abilities to be able to be happy and fulfill all their goals. This must be instilled from an early age, since during childhood children begin to understand the world and especially themselves. The magic firefly is a story in which the little ones will learn about their own abilities and how important self-worth is.

The magic firefly

Once upon a time there was a perfect world, in which the sun illuminated the days and the moon, the nights. Everything was happiness for humans, magic fairies, elves and animals. Peace and hope reigned, so there were never problems.

However, one day the sun did not rise as it did every morning and the beings that inhabited the Earth entered into a deep depression.

The magic fairies quickly asked the elves what was going on. The elf told them that a lonely ogre had locked peace and tranquility in the center of the earth.

The ogre, in addition to being lonely, was very envious, for he could not bear to make others happy.

The only solution for the sun to illuminate the days and the inhabitants of the Earth were happy, was that the ogre felt love, something quite complicated to achieve.

The older fairy and the elf met to find a solution to the problem. Therefore, with their magical powers they managed to create a firefly with 8 legs and 4 wings.

The main purpose of the firefly was for hope and peace to reign in the world again, so the light must also return.

The fairy and the goblin told the firefly that the simplest path is not always the best and love was the only thing that could help her. He also had to touch his own heart so that the fairy could transmit good feelings and his antennae, in case he needed wisdom.

The long path of the firefly

Upon reaching the center of the Earth, the firefly observed two possible paths. The first was short and completely lit, while the other was long and quite dark.

Immediately the firefly remembered what was said by the fairy and the goblin on the simplest path, so she decided to take the most difficult one.

When he was walking the road, the firefly heard disturbing sounds; however, he touched his heart and the fairy told him that he should think of beautiful things, be brave and be attentive.

By thinking positively, the firefly managed to travel all the way without major difficulties. When he arrived, he met an old man who looked after a door.

The firefly asked the old man if it could happen, but he told him it was not possible, unless he answered three riddles correctly. In addition, he told him that if one failed, he would die.

Quickly the firefly remembered the power that the leprechaun would grant him and touched his antennae to be wiser, accepting the challenge instantly.

The old man's questions were:

  • What is the first thing you would do when you were under the sun?

The firefly replied that the first thing that would happen if it were under the sun again would be that its own body would shade.

The old man, quite excited, told him that he had answered the first question correctly.

  • What is inside a deep hole?

The firefly thought the questions were very easy and replied that there was nothing.

The old man again replied that he was correct.

  • In my hands is a butterfly, will it be alive or dead?

The firefly began to despair and did not know what to answer, even though it touched its heart and antennae.

The old man noticed that and told him to calm down, because anxiety and despair would not take her anywhere. Besides, she alone had the possibility of solving the puzzle, according to him.

The firefly recalled that the fairy and the goblin were never with her, but that self-confidence was the key to overcoming all the obstacles that came her way. That is why he replied to the old man: «Actually, the butterfly could be alive or dead, since it does not depend on me, but on the hands in which it is.

The old man, visibly moved, told him that he had responded correctly and opened the hole door.

Immediately the firefly entered and picked up the peace and hope to bring them back to the surface.

The return to happiness

Even so, his mission had not yet been completed, because he must return. In addition, for peace and hope to return to the world, it was necessary to obtain the light, which the ogre possessed.

When he was returning, the firefly again heard the disturbing sounds; although she remembered that she had to trust herself, so she dedicated herself to listening in detail.

The sounds turned out to come from the ogre, who was possessed by envy. The firefly managed to disenchant him and forever remove his envy.

The ogre, grateful to the firefly, gave her light as gratitude and accompanied her to where the fairy and the goblin were. There, all together they united light, peace and hope, and spread them around the world.

Sunlight and moon returned and all beings were happy again, especially the ogre and the firefly.


The firefly didn't trust her abilities or believe in herself, so the fairy and the goblin had to help her. Fortunately, she understood in a difficult time that she should rely more on her abilities and not depend on what others thought or said.

On the other hand, the ogre learned that love and happiness are very important. He was also possessed by envy, something that will never be good or help in life.

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