The latest in Buonarotti footwear


A woman never has enough shoes. At least, that's how I am (and I'm sure more than one reader of this fashion blog is shaking her head and thinking the same thing). I consider myself a fashion victim, a fashion addict, trendsetters, but above all shoes.

Did you know that a study showed that 90% of our personality is reflected in the shoes we wear? That is why it is so important to wear the perfect shoes for every occasion and above all to keep them clean.

In my dressing room and in my shoemakers there will always be room for more, I never have enough shoes, I like them much more than clothes! I can not get wet and say an exact number of shoes that I have because I really do not know and I have never considered counting them, because I honestly see the large number of boxes and I think it's crazy. Someone else happens?

The number of shoes that women wear usually varies a lot from season to season and also depends a lot on the type of person, but there are a number of women's shoes that are considered basic as a wardrobe background. For example, in summer we certainly use less shoes than in the rest of the year, because at least when I spend so much time on the beach I go many times in sandals and flip-flops. However, in spring I wear many shoes because I have the habit of having stilettos in many colors: red, black, blue, white, yellow, pink, green … we almost have the whole color palette hehe.

Now at this halftime, we must bet on the well-known timeless garments, which are those garments, accessories and shoes that we can use throughout the year and that thanks to their versatility, allow us to create multiple combinations in our outfits. But as a good fashionista I always look for the latest trends and news and the brand of buonarotti footwear They have the latest and we can buy it at the best price in

This spring you need in your closet:

  • A wide-heeled sandals of color: mustard, green or red.
  • Reinvented espadrilles, whether with platform or espadrilles with espadrille soles.
  • Some dancers with Vichy check pattern.