The keys to the success of effective corporate communication


The keys to the success of effective corporate communication

Nowadays, communication in a company is essential to reach the public in a much closer way. Both external and internal, as both clients and their own workers are part of the public of the company. And as an important aspect of the company, it is not surprising that it is in charge of a professional or a team with specific training in corporate communication.

No, it is not an exaggeration to think about carrying out specific training, such as the INESEM Business School program, to face the great responsibility of a company's communication. And is that corporate communication has the mission of transmitting brand ideas, manage media and supports, ensure organizational procedures, define a target and control external and internal communication. It is carried out indirectly by all the human and material elements that make up the company, that is, toda the company communicates.

Corporate communication: differences between brand image and corporate identity

To make a good corporate communication is It is necessary to know the difference between brand image and brand identity. The image is how society perceives our company or brand, while identity defines what characterizes the company. It can be confusing because the term "image" is usually associated with graphic elements, when in reality, it is just the opposite. Let's see, if we delve into these concepts:

  • The corporate identity or brand identity is made up of the elements that define the brand. These elements highlight our differences with the competition and are such as: name, logo, colors, typography… As well as all those that include these previous ones, that is, brochures, cards, etc. It will be the first impression that the public has with us, so it is important to connect with him.
  • The image corporate is how the company sees the target audience, that image sand generates with the interaction that the client has with the brand, as well as with the experience you get from it.

How to make corporate communication effective: keys to success.

The first, most essential, is that for corporate communication to really have value and lead the company to success by a person with specific training in corporate communication, when not in charge of a specialized team.

Then en the whole process of making corporative strategy, you have to prioritize the organization from the following points:

  • Locate the image you want to transmit
  • Focus on the most appropriate strategy to achieve the objectives
  • Analyze available media
  • Assign a target date
  • Study costs and define a communication budget

And, once this organization is raised, the strategy will be carefully implemented:

  • Planning communication actions. Control every step that is taken in the organization.
  • Prioritizing the interests of the public. Know what the public wants to adapt corporate communication to their ideas.
  • Transmitting clear and attractive ideas. They will make contact with the target easier.
  • Stay up to date with the latest news and updates. So that the communication of the company is not unidirectional it is important to be included in current affairs, as well as to be prevented from possible communication crises. In addition, it is also necessary to know the strategies of the competition and the opinions of the target audience.

Not having a communication department in the company, in charge of advertising, talent management, media relations and corporate communication, It is a mistake that can lead to failure in your sector.

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