The importance of the game for your dog


If there is a notorious characteristic in all dogs is their ability to play.

When I refer to all dogs, I do not speak as a species, but as an individual: it does not matter how old a dog is, because the game will be part of it throughout its life, regardless of age.

While in humans this wonderful ability is lost as it is to play, in dogs this ability is vital for them.

But why? Read here.

Benefits of the game in dogs

The game manifests itself from good puppies.

Through the game, the puppy begins to relate to his brothers and learns to awaken his abilities, something very important for his adult stage.

So that, the game is not only understood as leisure, but as something essential for your physical, mental and emotional.

  • With the game the dog learns to relate not only with his brothers in the litter, but at the social level with the rest of the dogs that will go through his life.
  • The game helps the dog to channel all the energy: through it the dog will release all that burden, which otherwise would be channeled through destructive and / or aggressive behavior.
  • For the dog, the game is learning. When we play with him and perform from strategic games to interactive and mental games, the dog learns cognitive skills that are very important for his emotional and mental development.
  • And speaking of emotion, with the game we strengthen the bond with our pet. Nothing like strengthening affective relationships by doing fun activities.
  • With the game he also learns basic obedience. With games like giving up, bringing the ball, sitting, turning, lying down, etc., we reinforce the learning of basic obedience exercises.

Types of games

There are different types of games.

There is interactive games to stimulate the mind in which you do not need more than the toy itself to spend time entertaining.

One of the best known is the Kong, but there are other intelligence games that help them to awaken their ability to solve problems, such as games to uncover prizes.

One of the simplest games to do and that help boost your intelligence through smell is to hide prizes throughout the house and invite the dog to look for them.

The basic obedience games they are fundamental for their education, in addition to reinforcing the human-dog bond. In NOBLECAN They know a lot about this.

The physical games They are vital to your health and must be done daily. I refer not only to daily walks, but to those activities in which the dog has fun: throwing the ball, jumping for obstacles, running on a beach, etc.

In addition, these toys must be different so that the interaction with them is different: a rope of knots, a ball and a kong filled with food would be perfect to avoid boredom.

The toys They are also essential in the life of a dog. Having at least three toys when you are alone will help reduce your anxiety and boredom.

As you can see, spending a good time of the day playing with your dog and bringing different toys is essential in his life.

And you, what game routine do you carry out with your dog?

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