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The teddies are those objects that usually
children usually choose as attachment toys in their early childhood, being
an element that gives them love, comfort and security in certain situations
that may be stressful or unknown.

What is an object of attachment or
transitional object?

Before continuing, it is known by attachment doll or transitional object to an animated element in which the baby or the child deposits a special affection. They are usually stuffed animals, but it can also be a blanket or a luminous object, for example, since it is only the child's decision.

It is impossible to impose a attachment object for what
feel better as it is impossible to take it off or want to change it for
another when you have chosen it, because even the smell influence this relationship so
Special set. But what we can do is offer you a broad
range of possibilities to choose the perfect stuffed animal, what
We will find on websites like, it is really important
for them to find this kind of affection.

The Teddy of attachment fulfills psychological functions
essential for the little ones
. On the one hand, they become source of
pleasure and security
when the mother, or the main attachment figure that
Have the little one, it isn't. Therefore, it is very common for children to come to
these stuffed animals when they need comfort, when they have to face
new situations or changes, such as when they start kindergarten or
sleep alone In this link, can
find all kinds of stuffed animals
for your baby, to offer you that
tranquility and security you need at certain times in your life.

Most commonly, attachment objects are textured
soft, that can be carried from one place to another easily, and have a
smell that relate to your home, that's why stuffed animals are usually the most

We have previously named them as an object
transitional, a concept that was developed by the pediatrician and psychoanalyst
English Donald Winnicott. According to this professional it is an element
objective and subjective at the same time. Objective, because it is based on a
real object, and subjective, because functions attributed to the
field of imagination

It is important to know that it is completely normal to have a
object of attachment as not having it, and that in any case you can not force or
to find him nor to get rid of him.

Why and at what time?
Does a baby adopt an attachment object?

The teddy of attachment is usually adopted towards the eighth month of
birth, a period known as the anguish of the eighth month,
because the baby becomes aware that he is independent of his mother. Even though
these changes are completely natural, they are moments that sometimes
They generate some stress in the little ones that sometimes feel unprotected.

In this sense, the stuffed animal becomes, in a way,
in a substitute for the mother who gives support and provides calm and confidence.

How does the baby benefit from
adoption of the object of attachment?

The adoption of a plush toy has many
positive connotations, as we have said gives them security, comfort
and company and, in addition, it helps him become independent to some degree from his parents,
to recognize himself as an independent individual from other people
that surround it and also makes it easier for them to interact with other people and in
other environments

What kind of attachment object is

As we have already seen, children may feel attached to
objects of different types and should be the one they choose, but it is very important
That is safe, that is soft, that is made with textile materials
safe, that does not contain anything toxic or small elements that can
detach easily. It must also be washable, because our little ones
They will drool and drag it across all types of surfaces.

That is why the stuffed animals are ideal to fulfill this function, but we must never lower our guard and we must check them often, to make sure they are in perfect condition, without breakage that can make the little one ingest the stuffing of the doll, for example.

Attachment dolls

How long should you have my
son an attachment doll?

In the same way that he is the one who chooses the attachment doll,
it will also be his decision that separates him from it, leaving him aside when
the time comes Usually, it usually happens around three or four
years old, because the time comes when the child is able to manage
autonomously their fears of abandonment and are more independent in their social life
and in their relationships with their peers.

No need to worry, at all, if the object of attachment
accompanies you for longer, even all your childhood, nor if you return
to resort to him when he goes through moments of greater stress, such as the
comes from a little brother, a change of school or teacher, a move or
separation from parents.

Experts advise against, in any case, compelling the
child to get rid of his object of attachment just because they consider that already
is too old for him, because it can cause him a sadness and anguish

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