The importance of social networks for companies


They are not the platforms that derive the most traffic to a company's website. Nor are they useful for improving search engine visibility, at least directly. However, they are very important to improve the brand image, disseminate content and build loyalty to customers or users related to a business. That is why the social media management It must be carried out by professionals.

We delve into the benefits of social networks for companies and the work to be done by community manager, the professional figure in charge of energizing a company Facebook, Twitter and other RRSS.

Benefits of social networks for the company


There is a basic and undeniable premise: the number of people who use the Internet at the end of the day exceeds 3,000 million, and most of them have an account in some social network. From here, at the business level, the strategy is simple: if people are on social networks, businesses must use these applications to make themselves known as well as their services and products.

Although the benefits of social networks are varied, in general there are three.

Improve the corporate image

Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin are perfect showcases at the advertising level. They allow to create channels for professionals and companies where to put all the meat in the grill at brand level. The social tools that help improve the corporate image are:

  • Logos, headings and other graphic resources to create an attractive image of the company.
  • Corporate pages to inform about products and services.
  • Disseminate corporate values ​​through slogans and communication

In short, social networks allow transfer the physical image of a business to the virtual universe. If it is present in both worlds, maintaining coherence in designs and communication is essential.

Content dissemination

Although directly social networks do not add to the strategy of linkbuilding, they do it indirectly and, above all, allow effective content marketing. To achieve this, a blog is necessary, which provides the following advantages:

  • Keeps fans informed of news, products and offers from the sector in which the company is.
  • Articles disseminated on the blog and shared on social networks, if they are of great interest, can be linked to websites of users and followers, which does help linkbuilding.
  • That same dissemination of content can lead to more followers on social channels.

Customer loyalty

In addition to keeping followers informed about a particular sector, social media channels also serve as Customer service department. A very common case is Facebook and its company pages, which have a messaging and chat service.

With these tools you can answer questions about products, the company's own operation or perform an effective after-sales service.

Why hire a community manager


So that all the above can be carried out successfully, the figure of the community manager. This will take care of the following functions:

  • Create the appropriate channels in the most relevant social networks for the company. In this sense, a community Professional may recommend prioritizing some networks or others.
  • Make changes to a website to link it to social networks and allow users to spread content from a blog easily.
  • Design a corporate communication strategy in the company's social profiles.
  • Coordinate and execute Facebook or Twitter Ads campaigns to get more diffusion or followers.
  • Work copywriting in social networks. This is to improve the writing of texts to draw the greatest possible attention to followers.
  • Create content
  • Make statistical reports on the evolution of social media channels.
  • Take charge of communication with the community.

All these functions (and some more) represent an enormous work, which can hardly be carried out by the person in charge of designing the website or the customer service staff. For this reason, and for the benefits that it implies, to hire the services of agencies specialized in social networks or a community manager Individual is the best option and a great investment.

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