The importance of hiring medical insurance for students


Studying languages ​​abroad is one of the most exciting experiences for a student. However, everything can be truncated if health problems appear and you are in a country where health coverage is not universal. From there the importance of hiring student health insurance. We talk about in which cases it is advisable to take out medical insurance, the reasons for it and the characteristics of the most common insurance.

When to take out medical insurance for students

The United States, Canada or Australia are some of the countries that receive more foreign students to learn English. Unlike the United Kingdom and Ireland, free medical care is insured in emergencies but not so much in treatments or general medical care.


If you travel to these countries to complete a full academic year, the agency that manages the stay also includes medical coverage. But, What happens when you take a language course of a few weeks? or do you travel to one of these countries to reside in host families for students?

In many cases, there are students who do not hire health insurance thinking that for the short time they will be abroad it is not worth the expense. However, an accident, intoxication or any other medical condition can occur within a few hours of setting foot on foreign soil.

Reasons to hire medical insurance for students


The reasons that we are going to break down have to do with the different situations in which you can have a health problem.

Sports injuries

Most medical insurance for students covers hospital admission for an injury while playing sports, which is very common.

Many of the young people who are going to study languages ​​abroad complement the classes with activities outdoor, which include sports activities. Spraining an ankle, having a clash with someone in a football game or more serious injuries such as breaking a leg are the order of the day and require medical attention beyond going to the emergency room.

Gastrointestinal ailments

The stomach is one of the most sensitive organs, and can react badly when changing diet, something inevitable when changing countries. During this adaptation stomach or intestinal problems may appear that also need medical coverage.


These are situations that nobody wants to experience but can occur in a student transfer by bus or in a leisure complex as an amusement park. In this sense, in addition to covering medical expenses, many insurance companies add the following coverages:

  • Repatriation in advance to your country.
  • Cost a family member's trip to the foreign country.
  • For long stays, if a student has to return to their country because the life of a first-degree relative is in danger, the insurance takes care of the round trip tickets, if they want to continue their studies.

Other coverage

Hiring a medical insurance usually includes other types of coverage. We review the most important:

  • Liability coverage. If it is the insured who causes harm to another person.
  • Coverage in other countries. It may happen that, for example, in Canada, travel to the United States.
  • Flight delays. Housing, transportation and food coverage.
  • Lost luggage

As you can see, the problems that can arise in a trip abroad to learn languages ​​are varied and most of them have a solution with travel insurance.

How much is medical and travel insurance

However, many may think that having that security has a very high costor. On the contrary. There are travel insurances that cover all these situations by about € 10 a week. For a three-month stay, sufficient to advance solidly in learning a language, the cost of total health coverage would be € 120.

Taking into account that A multi-day hospitalization can cost more than € 600, it is worth taking out insurance to fully enjoy the experience of learning languages ​​abroad.

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