The goal of the National Government to 2022 is to reach 60% of the country's property update, said President Duque


The President of the Republic, Iván Duque Márquez, announced on Wednesday that one of the goals of the Multipropose Cadastre strategy is to reach 60% of the country's property update, by 2022.

"What purpose? Reach 60% of the country's property update to the year 2022. From less than 5%, to 60% in the next three years. That is a great goal for the country, "said the President during the signing of the US $ 100 million loan with the World Bank to begin the implementation of the new multipurpose cadastral policy in the country.

This loan is part of the general strategy of the National Government to implement the new Multipurpose Cadastre policy, approved in March of this year in Document Conpes 3958.

Likewise, the Head of State indicated that, currently, only 5% of our territory has cadastral updating; 66% of the properties are not updated, and a little more than 27%, almost 28%, do not have any type of cadastral information.

The Multipurpose Cadastre will strengthen institutional capacities to implement the cadastre at the local and national levels, formalize land tenure, promote community participation with a differential gender approach and have special procedures for ethnic communities.

With this commitment, the communities of the selected municipalities will benefit from the formalization of their tenure rights, information will be generated on the ownership of land for better environmental and territorial planning, and the land market will be strengthened, generating better conditions for private investment and economic growth in general.

It is also expected to update the first 5 million hectares, equivalent to 360,000 properties, and achieve 65,000 registered titles; likewise, granting at least 26,000 of the registered titles to rural women and emphasizing the efforts in municipalities that have been most affected by the violence.

The governmental institutions in charge of this initiative, led by the Ministry for the Management of Compliance of the Presidency of the Republic, are: the National Department of Statistics (Dane); the National Planning Department (DNP); the Ministry of Agriculture; the Ministry of Justice and Law; the Presidential Council for Stabilization and Consolidation; the Geographical Institute Agustín Codazzi (IGAC); the Superintendence of Notaries and Registry (SNR) and the National Land Agency (ANT).

Its benefits

The Multipurpose Cadastre, which incorporates an important technological component (high definition satellite images), allows for a comprehensive, complete, updated, reliable policy, consistent with the registration system of real estate, digital and interoperable with other information systems .

According to President Duque, this new policy improves the titling issues, strengthens the public finances of the territories and has great benefits for the environment.

"This step leads us to several social achievements. If we have a better survey of the cadastre, we can improve the property registration and titling policy, which is the approach of the citizen to his right as owner; that is fundamental, because it is the great reform that is done for the benefit of the communities, "he said.

Similarly, he stressed that "you can not talk about territorial finance if you do not have that real, timely and accurate survey, and that is a fundamental aid for mayors and municipalities."

Regarding the environmental benefit, the Head of State assured that this update will make it possible to know, with certainty, "where they are, how far the farms are and what are the uses of those properties in the territorial context".

He pointed out that this exercise of inter-institutional coordination for the implementation of the Multipurpose Cadastre leaves three important messages: simplification, coordination and the use of technology.

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