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If we have a website, whether it is a business, a blog or a publication, our goal will be to visit as many people as possible that fit with the objectives of it. That is, potential customers, readers or followers. For this we must look for more quality than quantity.

And it is not enough to have a web page without more, because in this way few people will find you. Currently the search engines like Google or Bing make sure that the pages are dynamic, with relevant and updated content and that other web pages point them, because for them it is synonymous with prestige page and will occupy higher positions in the search engines. With the advice of a good SEO consultant we can get our page to be more easily locatable by the target audience.

The basic aspects of a website with a good SEO

There are several factors that a web page should have to obtain a good positioning in search engines. Here are the main ones:

1.- Quality content. The content of a website should never be closed or static. The search engines reward those websites with relevant and dynamic content. That is to say, well written texts that are useful for the target audience of a website.

2.- Link buiding. The generation of links to your page or link building is that other pages link yours. Ideally, these are relevant pages and link you naturally, but first this is difficult to achieve and you can start doing it in an "artificial" but always with a planning and a previous study. If we use this way we should analyze the impact of the pages that link us, as well as having a good link building strategy. It is important to be careful with the link building strategies because if we do it massively or with pages of low reputation we can be penalized. To avoid scares, it's better invest in SEO consultant to use this technique, because in a short time we will be much more profitable.

3.- Keywords. It is a fundamental aspect in SEO. It is difficult to be well positioned for all of our keywords, but we must find the ones that best suit what is offered on our website and for which our target audience would really seek us. If we have a good keyword strategy, it will be easier for us to find the people that interest us.

4.- Audiovisual content. More and more people watch videos and prefer texts accompanied by photos, by which search engines score better and better on websites with this type of multimedia content. Do not give up on this strategy if it fits into your business, to make your website even more dynamic.

These four are key keys to go well in SEO positioning, however, if we do not have the necessary knowledge on how to use them correctly, it is better that we have the personalized advice of a consultant, who will analyze our case and give us the guidelines for that our positioning is gradually increasing.


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