The function of the Landing Page


A Landing Page is a web page that aims to fulfill a unique objective. Contrary to a web page with several pages, which offers different actions and information, this instrument serves to inform browsers regarding a specific aspect of the company and encourage them to perform a specific manipulation.

Author: Simon-Pixabay

Author: Simon-Pixabay

On this page, you can propose a variety of manipulations such as buying, signing up for the newsletter, following social networks, filling out a form, subscribing to the blog through an RSS feed, just to name a few elements. A Landing Page serves to promote only one of these actions, generally but not exclusively, the most useful for commercial purposes, for example buying an original product or filling out a contact form.

Why use a Landing Page?

You should think of a Landing Page as a television advertisement. Although the company that advertises offers a set of services or products, its advertising will not have as its purpose any more than to value a specific aspect of this set. Create Landing Pages to promote a particular car model, a special offer in a large area, or favorable conditions for an insurance company.

In this way, the main advantage of the Landing Page lies in the simplification. The user lands on a site dedicated to a topic that interests him and that only responds to his needs. Since no other distraction interferes with the navigation process, and the user has only one operation in front of his eyes to perform, his chances of operating increase considerably.

Where to use the Landing Page?

Internet users should know what they are about to discover on your page. Manifestly, it can be used in online advertising, but also in search engines or in email marketing campaigns. Some companies offer different models of whitepaper Landing Pages that adapt well to the needs of their customers.

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