The European urban beaches that you should know this summer


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Every summer many tourists usually take advantage of vacations to enjoy some urban beaches found in different European countries.

During summer vacations it is always interesting to know some beaches inside and outside Spain To enjoy a good holiday. At European level there are urban beaches that are really worth it to rest and enjoy its beautiful landscapes.

One of the recommended is the Poniatówka beach, which is located in the city of Warsaw in Poland. It is a recent novelty and increasingly attracts the attention of a greater number of travelers as it can be enjoyed during the day and night, thanks to the summer night parties that are usually organized. In the surroundings you can enjoy a great variety of fauna.

The tamariz beach In Lisbon it is another of the great European popular beaches. It allows you to enjoy a quiet area, to rest or take a bath, in addition to being able to be in family during the summer holidays. Here is a beautiful medieval palace, which is another incentive to take into account to take advantage of the trip through the capital of Portugal.


No less interesting is knowing South Bank in London, an urban beach where you can find both the sand and chairs and typical beach huts to rest. It is excellent for children to enjoy for a while and adults can take advantage of the charm of the views of the Thames, among other attractions.

If you travel to Prague It is advisable to know the beach of the Vltava River, where even a pool is installed during the summer next to the river and it is perfect to be able to practice some sports and activities, rest and relax on vacation. Live performances and other proposals are offered every night throughout the summer, for tourists and citizens to enjoy.

Blijburg Aan Zee in Amsterdam It is another urban beach, in this case quite complete to sunbathe during the summer, bathe and relax. Children's activities are offered during the weekend and live music

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