The Ecommaster school will star in the first Hackathon of Online Stores in Spain in Alicante, province of digitalization – Digitalist Hub


Elche (Alicante) will host the 7th edition of the Ecommaster congress focused on Ecommerce and Digital Marketing, which has already become one of the most important annual events in the Electronic Commerce sector.

This year the event will have a much more practical approach trying to promote the participation of attendees as has been done in past editions with the organization of round tables and workshops. “We have decided to go one step further and do something new in this sector. People are fed up with talks, looking to put things into practice and see the results at the moment. We focused a lot on the problems that entrepreneurs have, especially the traditional merchants who have physical stores. ”They affirm from the organization.

The innovation takes us this time to a practical environment where attendees will form groups of about 10 people with a single objective, make the marketing plan of an online store and present it at the end of the day. Therefore, the proactivity of the participants will be valued at all times, which will be accompanied by more than 20 e-commerce experts from all over Spain, such as José Carlos Cortizo, co-founder of Brainsins and En.Digital, one of the Most listened podcast on issues of Digital Transformation of companies.

The organization will define guidelines and milestones for the creation of electronic businesses. The team that meets them, executes them and does it in the most professional way possible, will be a candidate to win this Online Store Hackathon.

Due to the practicality of the day, places will be more limited than other years. More than 1000 people have attended previous Ecommerce congresses, but this year it is limited to 100 seats. The organizers affirm that any participant will leave with a defined marketing plan and the necessary tools to be able to develop the presented online project.

Unlike in other sectors, in electronic commerce the detection of professionals is not a simple task. Sometimes companies are forced to train their own workers and these types of events are usually the first step in the digital transformation of small businesses or local businesses.

"At this time, achieving the objectives set in online sales is no longer only a matter of large companies, but every day smaller and medium-sized companies are reaching their goal," explained the director of the school Fabián López. “Local commerce is increasingly forced to launch online sales, but doing so without prior knowledge is usually synonymous with failure. The traditional merchant has the problem that he lacks time to carry out his digital strategy and in addition, some of them distrust the Internet since they have already tried to sell online without success. This hackathon precisely intends that all the merchants that come learn even to value a budget of a digital marketing agency. ”

The province of Alicante is one of the most prolific niche markets in Spain for the digital business. Fashion and tourism have been representing the activities with the highest income in the e-commerce sector in recent years.

The entry of the event will cost € 3 per participant, which will be used in full to the charity association, APCA, Cerebral Paralitic Association of Alicante. With the entrance is included a catering at noon so that the work groups do not lose a single second.

Both teachers of the Master in Digital Marketing and Electronic Commerce of the organizing school, as students already graduated from all over Spain, will have the responsibility of acting as support to the different groups that participate in this Hackaton Ecommerce. The organization has confirmed about twenty mentors, belonging to leading companies dedicated to online sales, work side by side with those registered. This will be a unique opportunity, a free consulting service valued at more than 500 euros, which will allow this project to move to the market with greater guarantees.


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