The Dress, and the suit, For A Wedding of the perfect guest, and guest …


The Dress, and the suit, For A Wedding of the perfect guest, and guest …


It is something that takes months for them to choose the best wedding dress, to be the perfect guest, the best of them all. And if the party is themed, you will have to look at a costume shop d among the best online costume stores for your wedding.


Dress For A Wedding

Unless you meet some extremely sophisticated people, we're talking about classic Hollywood stars, millionaires with old money or royalty that real, you probably won't receive any wedding invitation from those in white dress and pearls, like the annual Gala of Met. But if they invite you, think that this is as formal as possible and as you want it to be. If you want to break the rules, they will always believe, in this decadent society we live in, that you do it because you are "cool." So, don't break your head looking too much.

For men, prepare to rent a pair of tails with the white vest and the bow tie that accompany it, but for women, opt for your most elegant long dress, more or less expensive jewelry and spectacular makeup and hairstyle, to be the perfect guest. And do it from the discreet side. For them, the white tie is as elegant as the way it is worn, but it is not ostentatious. The black tie is a little less elegant than the white tie, but only a little. So gentlemen, break (or go to rent) your tuxedo. And, ladies, dress in an evening dress or with your most luxurious mid-length cocktail dress in a formal fabric.

For men, a black bow tie (the mentioned "black tie") and cummerbund gives a good touch, although the tuxedo and vest combinations are acceptable. Of course, in a world in which tuxedos and evening gowns no longer hang in people's closets, this contemporary dress code gives guests room to maneuver to be more or less sophisticated.

And also for men, the optional black tie means that it is not bad to wear a tuxedo, if you like it, but if you would be happier with a dark suit and a tie … well that.

the perfect guestThe same goes for women who want be the perfect guest at a wedding, who can use almost anything they can also use for a party adventure, within reason. You will probably feel exaggerated with an elaborate evening dress with sequins, but a reasonable number of them and cocktail garnish is fine.

Just make sure the dress is ready to endure well all night; Pastel tones will be out of place at a formal wedding. The fancypants, which I don't know what it is, but I've read it out there, seems to be the line beyond which the tuxedos or the suits or evening dresses won't go out of style. The boys can follow the dress code with suit and tie; and the most daring gentlemen as fashion followers might be able to change the jacket for a formal vest.

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