The "Create a Podcast" Function of Spotify & Podcast Consumption Report


The possible new button “Create a podcast” from Spotify It would allow users to create podcasts through Anchor, an application that Spotify bought in February 2019.

There are rumors that Spotify is in the process of launching a “Create a podcast” button within its application, which will allow users to record, edit and publish podcasts using the Anchor podcast creation application, according to statements poured into the Engadget medium. The feature was first seen by application researcher Jane Manchun Wong, who shared images of the “Create a podcast” button on the Spotify application through her Twitter account at the end of August 2019.

Importance of Podcast

The ability to produce and publish a podcast through the Spotify application could open a new marketing channel for SMEs and brands with limited resources and budgets.

Podcasts are booming businesses. The successful author and marketing guru, Seth Godin, recently reported that 25% of the US population listens to podcasts for an average of six hours per week. "There is no other medium that knows that it has grown at that rate with the exception of surfing the Internet"Godin said during his podcast on the topic called" Goal. " We leave it below for you to listen to.

Adobe Analytics Podcast Consumption Report

On the other hand, an Adobe Analytics report, published earlier this month, revealed that the use of the mobile podcast application had increased 60% year-over-year since January 2018, and that 25% of podcast listeners They had bought a product discovered through podcast advertising.

You can see the full report here:

By offering creators an easy-to-use podcast creation tool at the top of their distribution platform, along with their recently launched podcast analysis panel, Spotify offers vendors the opportunity to lean into the growing podcast group. without worrying about the financial burden or risk of a large-scale initiative.

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